Hump Day Hook – 10 April 2013

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I am continuing with Ark:

Luk had made progress about halfway around the room when he shifted a box atop the shelving only to hear something go rattling down behind the rack. The shelves looked as if they were affixed directly to the wall. Getting down on his knees, he moved the items on the bottom shelf and tried to reach whatever had fallen. He could go no farther than the back of the shelf, which made an odd thump when his hand hit it. What he had thought was wall was actually a panel across the back of the shelves. That’s strange, he thought. But that means there’s a space behind them!

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3 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook – 10 April 2013

  1. Nice hook! Wondering what’s behind the panel. thanks for sharing more of Luk’s world. 🙂

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