Hump Day Hook – 30 January 2013


Greetings, all!

Time for a Hump Day Hook! Today’s piece is from my recent release, Midnight Incantation, a paranormal/horror erotica short.

Untouched by moonbeams, seeming to absorb the nacreous light, the demon stood black and infinite, taking in the small, mundane—oh, so human—details of the room. A porn star calendar hung above the desk, two muscled young men engrossed in each other’s cock. Escher postcards stood at angles in the mirror’s frame. Crimson eyes moved toward Jason. He lay face down on the bed where the cotton sheet cowered over his legs, and the moon’s light edged the fine hairs on his arms and neck. Making a casual gesture with a scaled hand, the intruding spirit froze the bolt of the door in the jamb. Jason would not be leaving for a while.

Midnight Incantation is available at All Romance eBooks, Amazon and Rainbow eBooks.

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Side Effects Cover to Midnight Incantation









Now that Side Effects and Midnight Incantation are out—and selling smartly—and I have a new Facebook Author page, I think it’s time to give some stuff away! Woo-hoo!


3 eformat copies of Side Effects to be awarded.

Simply leave a comment here on the blog letting everyone know what your side effects of winning would be. Be sure to include your valid email address.

Three winners will be drawn randomly from all valid comments posted by Thursday 31 January at 11:59 pm (MST). Winners will be notified by email; failure to respond within 24 hours will constitute waiver, and another winner will be drawn.

[UPDATE] Congrats to Andrea, Karl and Urbanista!


2 eformat copies from my backlist to be awarded.

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CONTEST #3 (ongoing)

I’m starting a monthly drawing from my email subscribers for a back list title!

Drawings will be on the 1st of each month from all current subscribers. To enter simply be on the email list! If you’re not yet a subscriber, use the box up top of the sidebar to join or go here. Easy!

Good luck to everyone who enters!

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Six Sentence Sunday – 27 January 2013

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Greetings, all!

Well, here we are for the very last Six Sentence Sunday tour! For me it has been a tremendous pleasure to meet so many new people through just six sentences of their writing. I hope that everyone has enjoyed my contributions as much as I have theirs.

As promised, I’m finishing with a snippet from Giant Killer. There is so much left to pick from that I was a little stumped. I decided to go with this scene—one of my favorites—following the death of Goliath:

David lifted the pitcher, glad for the clean scent that cut through the coppery tang from the sodden tunic at his feet—water sloshed out of the basin as his hand shook wetting a rag; he began to wipe dully at the brownish stains on his hands and arms.

Unexpectedly Jonathan was there, taking charge of the cloth; deep furrows split his forehead as he considered David. Softly, he began to wipe the dried blood from David’s face, “You were very brave.”

David wanted to look into those hazel eyes forever, and he raised a hand to Jonathan’s brow, seeking to smooth away the worry lines, “I did it so you wouldn’t have to.”

Some mix of thoughts and emotions played across Jonathan’s face. He ran a knuckle along David’s jaw, and a cool fire burned his skin in the wake of that touch—then Jonathan’s mouth was on his, and David drowned in the flavors of honey and wine and the cloves that Jonathan loved to chew.

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BTW: Stay tuned for Lust in Time‘s release date. As soon as I find out from Rob, I’ll post the info and a link. I’m sure there will be lots of other great stories as well.

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Saturday Seductive Studs – 26 January 2013


Greetings, all!

This week I’ve chosen a bit from a work in progress, Summer of History. Our hero, Dr. Ryan MacDonald, is an anthropologist who gets caught up in some unseemly doings while on a research sabbatical. This scene is before all hell breaks loose:

Coming awake in the darkness, Ryan glanced at the bedside table where the clock glowed greenly—3:20. What had woken him? He heard the nighttime sounds of the loft: distant rumbles from the switch yard, gurgles from the plumbing upstairs, hip-hop bass beats fading from some passing car. Then he identified it—the not so quiet sound of someone trying to be quiet; Scott was home.

Lying on his side and feigning sleep, he listened as Scott shuffled quietly into the bedroom. He felt movement as Scott brushed the mattress and caught a whiff of sandalwood and patchouli—he recognized Scott’s body wash—so he had showered at the school’s rec center. What did that mean? The mattress squelched softly as Scott climbed into the bed. Nestling in close, he fit his body to the curves of Ryan’s back and ass. Ryan felt damp hair against the nape of his neck. So he showered just before coming home.

Not wanting to fight, Ryan made drowsy mumbling noises to convey that he wasn’t waking up. Apparently taking those as encouragement, Scott softly stroked a hand down along Ryan’s side to his groin. Determined to resist Scott’s late-night, or rather early-morning, seduction, Ryan mumbled some more and shifted position away from the caressing fingers and onto his stomach. As usual, Scott had become aroused quickly, and his erection now pressed against Ryan’s left butt cheek.

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New Release – Side Effects

Side EffectsYes, Side Effects is now available! Finally!

This contemporary romance has been somewhat long in coming due to a number of deadlines—all of which seemed to fall around the same time. But despite the distractions and delays, I’m really happy to be releasing this now—pre-Valentine’s Day, that is.

Last year everything seemed to happen the night before or early on the day of any holiday—when they happened at all! 🙁 So I’m glad that this is out before the 14th of February.

To remind everybody: Side Effects appeared for several weeks on Six Sentence Sunday, and here is its shiny new blurb:

Max Caulfield is secretly attracted to his best friend, Damien. One night Max’s fantasy is presented to him on a silver platter and he eats it up with a spoon, only to be thrown for a loop when Damien confesses his love.

Cute and super intelligent, Damien Mackenzie is right down Max’s alley and has been in love with him ever since they won the school math contest last year. He’s thrilled when Max accepts his offer to hook up, then confused when Max rebuffs him afterward.

When their psychology research project takes an unexpected turn, Max is forced to confront his feelings about Damien. But the side effects have changed Damien’s mind. Can Max find a cure and heal the rift in their relationship?

Side Effects (16,652 words, $3.99) is available at all my regular etailers.

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Thanks for all the support from everybody who read and commented throughout the writing and revisions!




Six Sentence Sunday – 20 January 2013

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Greetings, all!

First things first: For all of you wondering what will happen to David and Jonathan after the end of Six Sentence Sunday, take heart! Giant Killer has been selected by Rob Rosen for his Lust in Time: Erotic Romance Through the Ages collection! The story will be appearing as the 1000 BC entry in the anthology from MLR Press (which should be coming out in March). I will keep everybody posted.

Last week we were with David as he entered King Saul’s presence. This week’s snippet is from Jonathan’s take on the proceedings:

Some commotion stirred the rear of the hall—heads swiveled and necks bowed as the audience members whispered one to another—Jonathan recognized his father’s seneschal, Ziba, moving across the back of the chamber. The family retainer was accompanied by a tall young man who looked every which way, trying to take in all there was to be seen. Jonathan suppressed a smile as he thought, what a rube!

The crowd parted as the newcomers strode forward to stand before King Saul. The young man was… a vision… so handsome that he had to be an angel—although surely no angel would look so travel worn; the youth was lean and bronzed with dark hair. He made brief eye contact with Jonathan and when he looked away, Jonathan had to force himself to breathe—the young man’s piercing blue eyes had completely entranced him.

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Saturday Seductive Studs – 19 January 2013


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Greetings, all!

Today is the second of my new blog hops—Saturday Seductive Studs!

As I’m running behind schedule, I’ve decided to do a clip from Side Effects, my contemporary romance novella which should be coming out next month (fingers crossed).

If you’d like to play catch-up, go here. Where we’re at: Max, our narrator, has just invited his best friend and lab-mate, Damien, back to his room:

The drive back to campus was quick, our silence comfortable, yet heavy with anticipation. Our hands lay together on the center console, fingers entwined. I marveled at my change of fortune.

My door had barely latched when Damien pressed me against the wall, his hands cupping my face. Those hazel eyes glimmered in the dim light; I just wanted to fall into their depths, to swim along with those green flecks. He closed the distance and our lips met. The touch was shocking, thrilling—a hundred times I’d dreamed of this and not one fantasy could match the excitement that raced through me.

At first he was tentative, soft and gentle; his mouth tasted of mint. I wrapped him in my arms and pulled him closer, tangling my hands in his hair. His auburn curls slid like silk through my fingers. The kiss deepened; our mouths and tongues exploring, craving, enjoying each other.

I levered us away from the wall, and we stumbled, still clutched together, toward my bed. With a push I had Damien on his back, and I relished the look of him, rumpled and flustered—and hot to trot, judging from the mound in his pants.

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Hump Day Hook – 16 January 2013

Hump Day Hook


Greetings, all!

With the impending conclusion of Six Sentence Sunday, I’ve joined a couple of other blog hops and Hump Day Hook is the first to come along!

It’s a pretty simple idea: post a paragraph from a published work or work in progress, get and give comments from visitors and visit other authors.

I’ve decided to start by celebrating an anniversary of sorts. My gay erotic quickie, After  Hours, was pitched and contracted within a week in January, so that seems like a good place to start! Here we go!

“Coffee, tobacco or tea, BriteWite leaves your smile bright and white!” I delivered the tagline without retching and flashed my cover model smile.

“Thank you!” yelled the director. “We’ll call.”

Hopefully not looking skeptical, I thanked the panel and left the agency’s studio. Waiting for the elevator to wheeze up ten floors, I examined my reflection in the doors. Who could possibly outdo this—especially for a toothpaste ad? Blond curls framed a tan, all-American boy-next-door face with great teeth. What more could they want? Chiming its arrival, the elevator opened and I watched my face ripple as the doors receded. Sighing, I punched the lobby button and leaned back as the elevator shuddered downward.

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After Hours appears in Shane Allison’s Brief Encounters and is available as a stand-alone e-story at All Romance eBooksAmazon, Rainbow eBooks and other fine etailers.

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Six Sentence Sunday – 13 January 2013

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Greetings, all!

As I said last week, I’m continuing with Giant Killer through the end of January. Given the limited time frame, I’m going to jump forward a bit.

This week we rejoin David, who has obeyed Jesse‘s command to go to Saul, as he enters the hall at Gibeah:

Ziba stopped in front of a platform on which sat a stern looking, older man—Saul, David assumed. But David’s attention was diverted from the king by the handsome, rangy soldier standing behind the raised chair—long, sun-lightened hair framed an olive face of pleasing planes and angles, although David could tell that the man’s nose had been broken; an imperfection that played counterpoint to the soulful eyes to either side. But the warrior’s slight smirk seemed at odds with those eyes—yet David could have spent much time gazing into their hazel depths.

The royal retainer introduced him to the king, and all the words he’d intended to say to Saul fled from David’s mind. He dropped his gaze to the floor; his face felt hot and his palms were cold. This is all so different than I had imagined.

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Six Sentence Sunday – 06 January 2013

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Greetings and Happy New Year, all!

I’ve decided to stay with Giant Killer through the official end of Six Sentence Sunday on the 27th. Today we rejoin Jonathan and Evram—after last week they had temporarily run out of Philistines to fight:

Jonathan examined the pass. His eyes fell upon a pile of rocks held in place by wooden staves—a defensive installation meant to crush attacking Israelites—looking further, he found a stack of wood intended for the watch fire. And the LORD shall provide. “Quickly, Evram, help me to reinforce this side.”

The young man realized what Jonathan meant to do: by redirecting the landslide to the opposite side of the pass, they were able to reduce the width of the narrow path even further, thus the Philistines would be able to approach only by one or two at a time.

A great war cry rose from out of the valley.

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