Seductive Studs – 15 June 2013


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We are continuing with Summer of History. To catch up, click here.

Making some progress on the field trip had lightened Ryan’s mood. He was still pissed with Jackson and his lack of compunction, not to mention disappointed in his own lack of resolve, but he wasn’t seething about it anymore. In order to distract himself he tried to focus on grading essays, but his thoughts kept wandering back to Conall Shaughnessy. He kept listening for the ping of incoming mail, willing Conall to respond.

Guy texting

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His cell phone buzzed. Flipping it open, he found a text from Jackson. Meet 4 lunch?

God! That was just like him. Ryan knew that Scott was going to want to discuss the blow up. He always sought to intellectualize what to Ryan was an emotional issue—their relationship. And doing it over lunch made it difficult for Ryan to express just how really pissed he was. Why do I let him do this?

Knowing that a refusal would just prolong the inevitable, Ryan replied, Where?

Faculty dining rm.

Oh, hell no! No way was he going to do this in view of any colleagues. He texted back, Not in mood 4 ptomaine. Manley’s in 45.

LOL! C U there.

Shutting the phone, Ryan headed to the shower.

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Seductive Studs – 08 June 2013


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We are continuing with Summer of History and find out some more about Conall. For those who may need a brush up, click here.

Ryan spent the next half-hour exploring the world of Conall Shaughnessy. He was very well recommended by the Guides Association as well as numerous former clients. Ryan made a note to ask for contact information; a personal recommendation was always good. His rates appeared reasonable, based upon Ryan’s research the previous day.

English Pub Interior

The Butchers Arms, Hepworth, Yorkshire

A link on the website connected to the Wexmeade Arms homepage. Several pictures showed off the small, seemingly comfortable public house. There were photos of the pub room, low ceilinged with polished wood and shiny glassware; in-room shots showing comfy looking beds with pastel linens; and several pictures of the surrounding countryside, green lawns and groups of trees. The inn was even listed in the Historical Registry.

Striking was the photo of the owners, Peter and Marilynn Shaughnessy. The innkeeper was broad and blond, fair-skinned with striking blue eyes, bearing little resemblance to his dusky brother. Marilynn looked like a petite version of Peter, long flaxen hair, pale skin with a pert little nose. The Shaughnessy family was beginning to intrigue Ryan.

Whoa, boy, Ryan thought to himself. You can’t just go with the first answer to your post. There will be other responses.

But something was hooking itself into Ryan’s gut. His subconscious wanted to go with Conall. Ryan debated with himself and compromised by immediately replying to Conall’s email with several questions.

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Seductive Studs – 18 May 2013


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We are continuing with Summer of History. If you need some catching up or a refresher, click here. Today we get a glimpse at another character, Conall Shaughnessy. Friend or foe? Love interest? We’ll see…

Ryan read the email:

Professor MacDonald:

Please allow me to introduce myself! I am Conall Shaughnessy, head guide of Wexmeade Historical Tours. I am native to the Chollerford area and have a diploma in History from Cambridge University with a focus on pre-Norman civilization.

I read your post on the Northumberland Tours message board and feel that my services, combined with my educational background, would be of immeasurable assistance to your research. As you may note from the photo, I have suitable transportation, which would be at your disposal. In addition I can offer assistance with your lodgings while in the Wexmeade area. My brother and sister-in-law are proprietors of the Wexmeade Arms, our local inn, and offer a discount on services to clients of Wexmeade Historical Tours.

Please feel free to investigate further: you may access my Web page through the above link; there you will find complete information on our services, as well as numerous testimonials. You may also wish to check my references with the Northumberland Guides Association; you will find a link on my site.

Please feel free to contact me by email or phone with any additional questions. I feel that Wexmeade Historical Tours is exactly what you need to accomplish your goals in Northumberland.


Conall Shaughnessy

Roman ruins

Mithraic Ruins near Carrawbrough, Northumberland.
CC-BY-SA Michael Willis via

Ryan shivered as an excited thrill ran up his spine. It was all becoming real. He was actually making plans to do real research on the ground in England. No more dusty libraries, no more banal dissertations, no more shallow conclusions—honest to goodness field work where he’d find what he knew was out there.

Thumbing the touchpad, Ryan clicked on the email’s hyperlink. While he waited for the page to load, he enlarged Conall’s photo. The guy leaning against the SUV looked to be in his mid-thirties; curly, black hair framed a face dominated by dark eyes and that broad smile. His smile wasn’t just for the camera: it continued to his eyes which sparkled with humor along with a look of intelligence. Ryan wanted to meet him.

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Seductive Studs – 11 May 2013



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It is time once again for Seductive Studs and Sirens! We are continuing along with Summer of History,  my contemporary M/M romance with suspense and bad guys thrown in the mix. To catch up, click here.

Glancing again at the letter, Ryan’s eyes fell on the signature line: it was Ryder H. Forsyne, Junior, not Doctor Ryder H. Forsyne. The letter was from the great man’s son. Ryan thought back to the lecture; he vaguely remembered a young man helping Dr. Forsyne with his presentation. At the time he’d thought that the rather cute guy was just some AV geek from the university, but now he realized there had been a strong resemblance between the two men—father and son. The same dark hair and narrow face, one older, one younger; and neither had been unattractive, at least not to Ryan’s inexperienced eyes.

His home is a stress free work environmentDa-ding! Ryan’s email chimed, calling him back to the present. Moving the letter aside, he scooted his chair up to the desk and maximized the mail window. He quickly scanned the subject lines; two were from colleagues in the department offering congratulations—Myra must have sent out a bulletin; the third was probably spam, but the last subject caught his attention. The line read, “Chollerford Area Guide with Extensive Roman Knowledge: Available 1 – 20 June.”

Intrigued and excited, Ryan clicked the item. A custom-designed stationery page opened, headed with Wexmeade Historical Tours; accompanying the header was a photo showing a young man leaning against a Range Rover and smiling broadly at the camera.

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Seductive Studs – 04 May 2013


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It’s time for our weekend wander amongst the Studs and Sirens of LGBT fiction.

I am continuing with Summer of History, my contemporary M/M romance WIP. For those who would like to catch up—or need a refresher—click here for the previous snippets. Today’s piece (which is a bit longish) offers some insight into Ryan—our protagonist’s—background:

Ryan sat back, gazing at the letter propped up against his laptop screen. Honestly, he could hardly believe what he’d read: he had been promised over $40,000 to tramp around Great Britain and prove his theory! For years he’d followed scraps of information, scattered here and there in history books or journals or someone else’s research. He’d chased rumors and gossip, reading poorly written little books on local legends, guide books of local histories, always looking for the smallest piece of the puzzle and never finding what he needed to make all the parts of his premise work. Now he could afford to do the groundwork for himself—he was going to England in order to look, to search, to find exactly what he needed, exactly what would prove his dream and make them all understand.

Ryder Forsyne understood what it meant to have a vision.

Attractive young man lying down

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Ryan recalled his early college years. God! They seemed ages ago! As an undeclared sophomore he had attended a lecture by Doctor Forsyne. Ryan had been enthralled by the famous anthropologist’s seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of pre-Norman England; following his presentation, he’d fielded question after question, many from Ryan himself. Ryan’s own interest in England had been sparked by storybook tales of Arthur and Robin Hood; but English literature and history had proved too dry for Ryan’s taste, he had craved to know about the real people and what they’d been like: the Druids’ religion and Celts’ culture were the soil from which the other stories sprang. Forsyne’s seminar had sated his craving, but fueled his curiosity; after that fateful lecture Ryan had joined the anthropology department. Now years later Doctor Forsyne was helping him, guiding him once more.

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Saturday Seductive Studs – 27 April 2013


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Yes, I have again been somewhat AWOL from the blogosphere—but I assure everyone it has been for good reasons! In my absence Saturday Seductive Studs has morphed into Seductive Studs and Sirens—we’re taking on a broader focus, which can only be a good thing!

Have no fear though, I am continuing with my work in progress, A Summer of History. If you’re new, you can catch up with Ryan MacDonald and Scott Jackson’s clips here.


komehachi888 / / CC BY-NC-ND

Scott just didn’t seem to get it—a little kiss and tickle didn’t make up for what he’d done. He’d violated their agreement by violating their home. Ryan wasn’t jealous of his affairs; secretly, he’d resigned himself to that aspect of Jackson years ago; but he was jealous of his home, his personal space with Scott—that was his alone. Why was it so hard for Scott to exercise any sort of self-control?

A thought crept up from his subconscious: Why are you accepting second place? Ryan worked to squelch that line of inquiry. Nothing lay in that direction except to rehash a lot of old hurts. But he was worthy of first place, wasn’t he? At least in his own home, right?

Not seeing anything positive down that road, Ryan topped off the mug of coffee and headed for his laptop to continue planning his field research.

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Saturday Seductive Studs – 13 April 2013


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We are continuing along with Summer of History:

MightyBoyBrian / / CC BY-NC

Saturday was gray and overcast, a low pressure system having moved in from the plains. The weather matched Ryan’s mood—bruised and livid. After Scott’s ‘make-up sex,’ Ryan had showered again and spent what was left of the night tossing on the sofa. Sometime after dawn he had dozed off, only to wake when the loft’s door had clanged closed.

He sat up and scrubbed his face with his palms. Not enough poor sleep had done little more than leave him fuzzy and irritable; it was like a wet wool blanket lay over his brain:  thinking was scratchy and uncomfortable. Shambling to the kitchen, he found that Scott had brewed coffee before leaving; he’d also left a note stuck into the top of the coffeemaker. Gone to lab. Oddly, Grandville College referred to any class-related workspace as a lab; so Jackson’s studio at the college was the Life Studies Laboratory. Who’da thunk?

Hoping to exorcise the malaise from his brain, Ryan poured a large cup of the Jamaican blend and dosed it liberally with sugar and cream. He leaned against the counter’s edge and contemplated the purple expanse of clouds that obscured what was normally a really impressive view. A storm is coming, he thought. And not just out on the streets.

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Saturday Seductive Studs – 30 March 2013


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It’s Saturday and time for some Seductive Studs! (Yes, I know, I’ve been AWOL for a few weeks.)

I’m returning to Summer of History, where we rejoin Ryan and Scott in flagrante delicto:


two men looking at each other across a broken mirror

Ryan ran his teeth along Scott’s jaw to nibble at the soft skin beneath his ear. Scott grunted, deep in his throat. Ryan knew exactly where to tease him. As Ryan’s fingers massaged Scott’s muscular back, his mouth continued south over the hollow of the painter’s collarbone and across his chest to seize a nipple in its teeth.

As Ryan chewed and licked at the nub of flesh, Scott’s thrusts accelerated and his breath came in labored pants, gusting across Ryan’s shoulder. Scott pumped harder, driving his cock deeper into Ryan, who moaned as his nuts tightened, orgasm coiling in his groin.

“Oh, damn! Yeah, harder… harder!” demanded Ryan.

Scott obliged, slamming his hips against him as if trying to drive him through the headboard. Ryan gripped Scott’s upper arms, pulling himself against Scott’s cock, willing him deeper still. Scott thrust. Ryan pulled. Suddenly they both gasped as their bodies spasmed. Shaking, together their cocks pumped sprays of semen, hot spurts of electric, liquid fire. Thick trails of pearlescent come crossed Ryan’s chest, while Scott pulled out and tossed aside the condom. Fisting his cock, Scott added his own stands of milky fluid to the web on Ryan’s chest, before collapsing beside him.

“Shit,” whispered Scott. “That was some good make-up sex.”

“Yeah, like everything’s all better now.” With that Ryan got out of bed and walked to the bathroom.

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Saturday Seductive Studs – 16 February 2013


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Yes, I’m late—really late! Sometimes the real world intervenes on my fantasy world of writing. Ho hum! 🙁

But, I will soldier on and continue with Summer of History. This week’s clip follows hard on the heels of last week‘s piece, and we get to find out some of Ryan and Scott’s inter-personal history. I am inserting a break ’cause the boys are awfully randy, so this week’s piece is VERY adult and may not be suitable for all tastes ;-). Continue at your own risk…



Jackson’s fingers massaged the gel around Ryan’s hole, immersing him again in those waves of pleasure.

“Fuck me, please!”

“Who are you and where’s Ryan?” Scott feigned looking around the room. “You’re really into things tonight. Why’s that?” He lifted Ryan’s legs up onto his shoulders.

“I don’t know.” Ryan shifted his hips to better accommodate Scott’s approaching cock. “I was reminiscing—remembering our first summer in Paris.” He breathed in as Scott’s cock head pressed into his tight ring of muscle.

“Oh, God!” Scott inhaled as he entered Ryan. “That shitty little room I rented in Pigalle!” Slowly he pushed inward, filling Ryan’s warm channel. “Why we didn’t fall through the floor when we fucked I’ll never know.”

Ryan chuckled and then groaned as Scott filled him, touching that spot inside. “I never understood why you weren’t evicted—we made so much noise!” He moved his legs, wrapping them around the painter’s waist and pulling him closer; his hands entwined in Scott’s hair. “And at all hours of the day and night!”

“We really weren’t any louder than the rest of the tenants.” Lowering his head, Scott captured Ryan’s mouth, invading with his tongue to taste his lover. Their tongues dueled, mimicking the thrusts of their hips, which moved in tandem, grinding against each other as Scott continued to plunge into Ryan.

Ryan broke away from the kiss. “No, we just went on longer!”

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Saturday Seductive Studs – 09 February 2013


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I’m continuing with Summer of History. Today’s piece follows a little later and provides a peek at one of the cracks in Ryan and Scott’s relationship:

Rolling onto his back, Ryan opened his eyes.

Moonlight washed the room in mercurial light, pouring over Scott like liquid silver. Ryan admired how the light flowed across the ridges of Scott’s muscular body, was strangely jealous of the moon’s touch, as it highlighted a latissimus, rippled past his tricep, as he searched through the drawer for a condom. If only I could be that close to him.

Entranced by the play of light and shadow across his lover’s muscled frame, Ryan stroked his dick, only slightly softened by the break in their lovemaking. Even the feel of his own hand was enthralling to Ryan. Why am I feeling this way? What is going on?

Usually he wasn’t that into sex. Not in the down and dirty physical sense. He craved the emotional intimacy, the vulnerability inherent in being naked and alone with another man, not just the physical release of an orgasm. That was an essential difference between him and Scott—for him sex was more than just rubbing body parts together until someone came.

The cold shock of lube on his ass brought Ryan back from his musing.

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