Saturday Seductive Studs – 30 March 2013


Greetings, all!

It’s Saturday and time for some Seductive Studs! (Yes, I know, I’ve been AWOL for a few weeks.)

I’m returning to Summer of History, where we rejoin Ryan and Scott in flagrante delicto:


two men looking at each other across a broken mirror

Ryan ran his teeth along Scott’s jaw to nibble at the soft skin beneath his ear. Scott grunted, deep in his throat. Ryan knew exactly where to tease him. As Ryan’s fingers massaged Scott’s muscular back, his mouth continued south over the hollow of the painter’s collarbone and across his chest to seize a nipple in its teeth.

As Ryan chewed and licked at the nub of flesh, Scott’s thrusts accelerated and his breath came in labored pants, gusting across Ryan’s shoulder. Scott pumped harder, driving his cock deeper into Ryan, who moaned as his nuts tightened, orgasm coiling in his groin.

“Oh, damn! Yeah, harder… harder!” demanded Ryan.

Scott obliged, slamming his hips against him as if trying to drive him through the headboard. Ryan gripped Scott’s upper arms, pulling himself against Scott’s cock, willing him deeper still. Scott thrust. Ryan pulled. Suddenly they both gasped as their bodies spasmed. Shaking, together their cocks pumped sprays of semen, hot spurts of electric, liquid fire. Thick trails of pearlescent come crossed Ryan’s chest, while Scott pulled out and tossed aside the condom. Fisting his cock, Scott added his own stands of milky fluid to the web on Ryan’s chest, before collapsing beside him.

“Shit,” whispered Scott. “That was some good make-up sex.”

“Yeah, like everything’s all better now.” With that Ryan got out of bed and walked to the bathroom.

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  1. Ooh, Ryan let loose a little of his feelings. The question is, did Scott take note? Or is he lying replete thinking they actually made up?

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