Seductive Studs – 20 July 2013


Greetings, all! Another weekend is upon us, which means some more Seductive Studs and Sirens!

It is time to return to The Greek Room. This week we get to see things from James’ perspective. For a refresher or to catch up, click here.

James could feel the Greek’s eyes on his back.

He did feel kinda bad for the blighter—James was a wanton eavesdropper and had overheard Christos’ story—but he was still jealous. Six years he’d worked for the randy old bender, come with him up here to north bum fuck Egypt, leaving behind the posh and comfy townhouse in London—and now this bloke shows up outta nowhere and gets a suite! It was horse shite!

Not that this Greek chap wouldn’t be a handsome addition to the household—certainly easier to look at than Charlie the groom. Although Charlie did fuck like a grenadier.

But… if the bleedin’ muck snipe did have somethin’ in with the old man, then it probably wouldn’t hurt to be on his good side. Bloody diplomacy!

StairsJames paused on the landing and faced the newcomer. “Look ‘ere, mate. Sorry ‘bout that bit at the front door—old man Evans don’t like being’ disturbed over much. Jus’ doin’ my job, ya know.” He extended his hand. “I’m James.”

“Christos Stefanopolous.”

The hand that grasped James’ was long-fingered, rough and callused. Definitely not the poncey kind of hand that James had expected. “Welcome to Dunbarton ‘All.”

“Thank you, James,” replied Christos, matching his gaze with wide, green eyes.

James especially liked those green eyes. The footman looked at the young man, actually took a moment to see him—and what he saw was quite nice. Perhaps his bein’ here won’t be so bad after all.

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Hump Day Hook – 17 July 2013

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Greetings, all! Welcome to this week’s Hump Day Hook!

It’s time to check in on Liam in Subeo. To catch up or for a refresher, click here.

As much as Liam was enjoying this little slice of hell, the researcher in him craved to know more, to find out exactly what was going the fuck on. He had to admit that curiosity about Keith and his role in this mise-en-scène was chewing at him as well. His libido remained unfazed.

However, his stomach was not so excited to participate. A bitter swell of bile rose in the 700_dirty-bottlesback of his throat; his gut clenched and roiled at the thought of drinking from the second bottle.

Maybe security wasn’t so bad.

But was security the easy answer? Maybe it was all a double blind…

No! Keith had taken a chance to help him. The grad student’s fear was real. The easy answer was the wrong answer.

As he twisted out the second stopper, he took a deep breath and held his nose. With a quick prayer he swallowed the thick, gluey contents.

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Seductive Studs – 13 July 2013


Greetings, all! It’s time for some Seductive Studs!

This week we are rejoining The Greek Room. To catch up or for a refresher, click here.

Robert Evans, Earl of Corbridge, was not a young man—not quite a geezer, but almost. Grey-haired and professorial looking, he wore a polka-dot bow tie, burgundy silk waistcoat with charcoal-grey trousers and coat. Still tall and straight, he placed the book he had been holding on the desk next to the opened letter and came around the expanse of wood, extending a hand.

“Good day, young man.”

Christos had never met an earl. He didn’t know if he was to bow over the proffered hand or to shake it. Lord Evans seemed affable enough, so he matched the handshake. The Englishman’s grip was firm and dry. “And… and to you, your Lordship.”

The earl smiled. “Have a seat. What’s your name, lad?”

Greek Church photo

Credit: artur84 |

“Christos, sir. Christos Stefanopolous.” He took the indicated chair, perching on the very edge, despite its plush invitation.

“So Agamemnon is—“

“Was, sir.” Christos interrupted, holding the memories at bay. “He was my father.”

“Ah, I see.” Lord Evans seemed to deflate a bit, as if his years weighed a little more heavily. ”My condolences.”

“Thank you, sir,” the young man whispered. That seemed the millionth time he’d heard those words. Their entire village had attended the funeral, crammed into the small church of St. Sebastian alongside men from his father’s army command. So many murmurs of sympathy, so much sadness. 

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Hump Day Hook – 10 July 2013

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Greetings, all! Hard to believe it’s Wednesday again and time for some Hump Day Hooks!

I am continuing with Subeo. For a refresher or to catch up, click here.

He knew better than to ask for any clarification—it would be painful at best, and he didn’t want to think about the possible worst scenario.

Liam considered the pair of bottles. Their appearances were commonplace: they resembled the decorative bottles you could buy at any home store. Nothing about them screamed knowledge or security. In the lurid light their contents each appeared equally sluggish and murky, not appealing in either case.

Maybe something about the positions? A reference to the left hand path, perhaps?

A growl of frustration clawed out of his chest. Alice, at least, had had directions! All he had was Keith’s admonition to not take the easy answer.


Photo courtesy of Zachary Huang, Michigan State University.

Searching for different criteria, he lifted the left-hand bottle, easing out its cork. Careful not to sniff directly from the mouth, he smelled cherries and honey. That certainly didn’t seem too bad. He replaced that stopper and then picked up the short, squat container. Repeating the procedure, he nearly vomited. Redolent of vinegar and spoiled milk, the contents gave off a rancid, sour odor. He couldn’t get the bottle closed fast enough.

Well, shit! Cherries and honey would certainly be easy to swallow.

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Seductive Studs – 06 July 2013

SeductiveSns_LogoGreetings, all! It’s Saturday and time for some more Seductive Studs!

Today we rejoin Christos in The Greek Room. To catch up, click here.

The footman grabbed the letter from Christos’ hand. His lips moved as he read the address. The Honourable Robert Evans, Dunbarton Hall, Corbridge, Northumberland. Duty warred with distaste across the footman’s well-proportioned face. “Wait here,” he mumbled. He turned on his heel and disappeared into the depths of the house, straightening his hair and coat as he went.

Anxiety returned, roiling Christos’ gut. It was a mistake to have let the letter out of his sight. It was all he had—the only thing left from his father. But it was too late to call the footman back. He could only believe in his father’s conviction, in his trust of this man Robert Evans. To distract himself Christos wandered about the entry hall.

Benningbrough Hall, Yorkshire

Benningbrough Hall, Yorkshire

The foyer was immense. Dominated by a gigantic chandelier, the circular space was larger—and more richly appointed—than any place Christos had ever seen, even in Athens. Enormous oil paintings showed a variety of men and women in all manners of dress, some standing, looking stiffly posed; others astride horses or holding dogs; a few depicted children seeming stuffy and over-dressed. Every surface he examined gleamed with polished marble or gold or silver. The clack of boot heels returned, and Christos scuttled back to his appointed place near the door.

He took the opportunity to examine the young servant. Tall, dark-haired with broad shoulders and a trim waist, he was quite attractive, now that his face wasn’t distorted. Smooth skin and a fine straight nose made Christos curious about tasting the footman’s full lips.

“The Earl will receive you.” Clearly the young man thought his master had gone totally potty to see this stranger who had appeared out of the morning mist. “Follow me.”

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When Sparks Fly Blog Hop

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 Welcome, everyone! And Happy Independence Day!

237 years and this most recent one has seen the greatest developments in GLBT equality in the US—but we still have some distance to go.

237 years since the words “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” were written. Yet the greatest nation on Earth still doesn’t offer true independence to its GLBT citizens, while 15 other nations (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, and Uruguay) have enacted national legislation to recognize same-sex marriage rights.

In addition 17 other nations have some type of civil union or registered partnerships (Andorra, Austria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Hungary, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom). It’s also worth noting that a large number of these countries also offer health coverage to all their citizens and have actual gun control laws, among other 21st century innovations. 😉

Happy 237th Birthday! Here’s to many more to keep getting it more right! So let’s celebrate with some sexiness and let the sparks fly!

SophomoreSeason18x27My second year omnibus collection, Sophomore Season, is now out in paperback and ebook! It features sixteen stories, including my most recent Grandville College novella, Side Effects. Today I’m posting an excerpt (adults only, please!) from Spit Shine:

“What’s the matter, Dan?” Ryan paused the Xbox, stilling a zombie in mid-explosion. “You’re pacing like a caged lion.” His big blue eyes gleamed, filled with concern. At 21 Ryan was really still just a pup, growing into his paws. And like a puppy, he was young, adorable and eager to please—or to follow any command I might give him.

I grabbed a handful of his straw-colored hair and messed up the carefully faux-hawked look, making him appear even more irresistibly boyish.

“It’s nothing.” I ducked, evading his attempt at revenge. “Just the usual Sunday evening blues: I’m thinking about the Myerson prosecution and really not looking forward to heading into the office tomorrow.”

“Then don’t think about it!” He shrugged, turning back to the undead invasion. Employing a machete and Uzi, he cleared the level. “You want to fuck?”

Slightly amazed, I looked up from the crossword I was trying to finish. “Ryan! For chrissake! You spent half of the night handcuffed to the bed, and I screwed the living daylights out of you in the shower this morning! How much more sex can your ass take, anyway?”

Ryan shot me a bad boy leer. “My ass can handle anything you can dish out, stud. What do you say we put in some porn? I got a new DVD with those hot Czech twins! Yummy!”

Over the years I’ve found it rarely pays to let your lover get too cocky. “Maybe later.” I pretended to stifle a yawn. “I’ve got to polish my shoes for the morning.”

“I’ll get the polish,” Ryan offered—a hint of mischief sparking in his eye. Something was up—Ryan and manual labor rarely occupied the same piece of space-time. Abandoning the video game, he vanished from the family room. Returning from the bedroom, he confirmed my suspicions—he’d changed out of the jeans and button-down shirt he’d worn to brunch. Dressed only in a torn, gray tee-shirt, white Jockey shorts, and a pair of dirty gym socks, he looked hot as hell.

“Something tells me—”

“Ssh!” Ryan held a finger to his lips. Favoring me with a view of his tight ass, he rummaged under the kitchen sink and came up with the cardboard box I keep filled with various pastes and waxes. “One shoeshine coming up!”

He beamed, quite pleased with himself. After spreading out some old newspapers on the kitchen floor right under my feet, he searched through the shoeshine box for the black polish. “You might have to remind me how this is done,” he warned me. “It’s been a while.”

Curious to see just exactly where all this was leading, I decided to play along with his game. “All right, first you have to get all the dirt off.”

Immediately, Ryan dropped to his knees and began licking my black penny loafers!

I watched silently, not sure how to respond to him on all fours giving my shoes a thorough tonguing. We’d never done anything like this before—role-playing had always struck me as silly. Still, the sight of my boyfriend, wrapping his hot, wet tongue around my size 13 loafers, his Jockey-clad butt sticking straight up in the air, was proving to be a major turn-on for me. I rubbed the growing bulge in my jeans with the palm of one hand while my other hand inched its way underneath my tee-shirt toward my left nipple. I was seriously aroused.

Ryan lapped at my shoes, working for a good five minutes. “Guess they’re clean now, huh?” As proof, he stuck out his tongue. The sight of his luscious mouth, now black with grime, drove the air from my lungs and all my blood to my crotch. Instantly, my dick was rock-hard and filled out the tightly packed crotch of my jeans.

“Now I suppose I apply the polish.” Ryan grinned up at me, his head cocked to the side. What a pup!

“Dry them off first,” I ordered. “Otherwise the polish won’t adhere well.” I figured what the hell! If we were going to do this, we might as well do it right.

Grabbing a hold of his tattered shirt, Ryan ripped the tee-shirt off, exposing his tanned smooth chest. Tearing the grungy rag into thirds, he went to work, drying my left loafer while I worked my right foot up between his legs. His cock stood upright, stretching the pee-stained cotton of his shorts. I pushed my heel firmly against his stiff dick.

Ryan moaned softly. “Yeah, work my dick for me!” He pressed his crotch even harder against the sole of my shoe. It was a ball buster for me to see the fucker so horny. I was only too happy to oblige.

Still, a little discipline never hurt anyone. “Keep your mind on your work, boy,” I warned, removing my foot.

To celebrate the holiday and to reward our intrepid blog hoppers, I am giving away two e-format copies of my novella, Side Effects. To enter, leave a comment below with how you would like to make the sparks fly this holiday! Don’t forget to include your valid email address, as that is how you will be notified if you win!

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Hump Day Hook – 03 July 2013

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Greetings, all! It’s hump day and time for some hooking!

We are rejoining Liam in Subeo today. For a refresher or to catch up, click here.

Liam strained to listen to the darkness.

He pricked his ears and held his breath, trying desperately to discern some sound beyond his cell. The silence weighed against him, sitting thickly and pressing on his ears. His heart marked time. Lub-dub, lub-dub.

His anger at Keith had drained away, leaving a diffuse worry made worse by the whine of Keith’s voice, so unlike its typical warm baritone. Clearly, the grad student was stressed, which would seem to indicate that he wasn’t in charge.

So who was?

Liam wished something—anything—would happen. He was tired of being in the dark—literally.

“Liam Sean Fitzpatrick, you have been chosen.”

Liam started. The voice was different, not so harsh, with a trace of an accent. English? Scotch?

He knew better than to talk back.

apothecary bottlesA decision is required.”

A light snapped on, illuminating the table with a dim, red glow. Two bottles stood there—one tall and slender, the other short and squat.

“Drink one to move forward and gain knowledge. Drink the other to move backward and remain secure.”

With a silent groan, Liam stood up and approached the table.

Great! Now I’m freaking Alice in Wonderland!

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