Seductive Studs – 15 June 2013


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Making some progress on the field trip had lightened Ryan’s mood. He was still pissed with Jackson and his lack of compunction, not to mention disappointed in his own lack of resolve, but he wasn’t seething about it anymore. In order to distract himself he tried to focus on grading essays, but his thoughts kept wandering back to Conall Shaughnessy. He kept listening for the ping of incoming mail, willing Conall to respond.

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His cell phone buzzed. Flipping it open, he found a text from Jackson. Meet 4 lunch?

God! That was just like him. Ryan knew that Scott was going to want to discuss the blow up. He always sought to intellectualize what to Ryan was an emotional issue—their relationship. And doing it over lunch made it difficult for Ryan to express just how really pissed he was. Why do I let him do this?

Knowing that a refusal would just prolong the inevitable, Ryan replied, Where?

Faculty dining rm.

Oh, hell no! No way was he going to do this in view of any colleagues. He texted back, Not in mood 4 ptomaine. Manley’s in 45.

LOL! C U there.

Shutting the phone, Ryan headed to the shower.

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2 thoughts on “Seductive Studs – 15 June 2013

  1. Oooh, I am really beginning to dislike Scott. Playing games. You deserve better Ryan!

    And asking him to do lunch in the faculty dining room? That just made it worse – trying to make sure Ryan would just accept everything he said.

    Can’t wait for Ry to go to England:)

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