Six Sentence Sunday – 27 January 2013

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Greetings, all!

Well, here we are for the very last Six Sentence Sunday tour! For me it has been a tremendous pleasure to meet so many new people through just six sentences of their writing. I hope that everyone has enjoyed my contributions as much as I have theirs.

As promised, I’m finishing with a snippet from Giant Killer. There is so much left to pick from that I was a little stumped. I decided to go with this scene—one of my favorites—following the death of Goliath:

David lifted the pitcher, glad for the clean scent that cut through the coppery tang from the sodden tunic at his feet—water sloshed out of the basin as his hand shook wetting a rag; he began to wipe dully at the brownish stains on his hands and arms.

Unexpectedly Jonathan was there, taking charge of the cloth; deep furrows split his forehead as he considered David. Softly, he began to wipe the dried blood from David’s face, “You were very brave.”

David wanted to look into those hazel eyes forever, and he raised a hand to Jonathan’s brow, seeking to smooth away the worry lines, “I did it so you wouldn’t have to.”

Some mix of thoughts and emotions played across Jonathan’s face. He ran a knuckle along David’s jaw, and a cool fire burned his skin in the wake of that touch—then Jonathan’s mouth was on his, and David drowned in the flavors of honey and wine and the cloves that Jonathan loved to chew.

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BTW: Stay tuned for Lust in Time‘s release date. As soon as I find out from Rob, I’ll post the info and a link. I’m sure there will be lots of other great stories as well.

‘Til next time—just not on Sunday!