Six Sentence Sunday – 06 January 2013

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Greetings and Happy New Year, all!

I’ve decided to stay with Giant Killer through the official end of Six Sentence Sunday on the 27th. Today we rejoin Jonathan and Evram—after last week they had temporarily run out of Philistines to fight:

Jonathan examined the pass. His eyes fell upon a pile of rocks held in place by wooden staves—a defensive installation meant to crush attacking Israelites—looking further, he found a stack of wood intended for the watch fire. And the LORD shall provide. “Quickly, Evram, help me to reinforce this side.”

The young man realized what Jonathan meant to do: by redirecting the landslide to the opposite side of the pass, they were able to reduce the width of the narrow path even further, thus the Philistines would be able to approach only by one or two at a time.

A great war cry rose from out of the valley.

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  1. Oh, I’m glad, C.C. that you’ll stay with GIANT KILLER. I didn’t get the chance to comment the last few weeks but I dropped by to read. I love the action of this section. Well done. May the coming year bring you and yours all the best!

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