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For MSS this week I decided to take a walk down memory lane with one of my favorite stories, Giant Killer. This short is my re-telling of the biblical story of Jonathan and David (with a walk on by Goliath):

David lifted the pitcher, glad for the clean scent that cut through the coppery tang from the gore-sodden tunic at his feet. Water sloshed out of the basin as his hand shook. Wetting a rag, he began to wipe dully at the brownish stains on his hands and arms.

Unexpectedly Jonathan was there, taking charge of the cloth. Deep furrows split his forehead as he considered David. Softly, he began to wipe the dried blood from David’s face. “You were very brave.”

David wanted to look into those hazel eyes forever. He raised a hand to Jonathan’s brow, seeking to smooth away the worry lines. “I did it so you wouldn’t have to.” Some mix of thoughts and emotions played across Jonathan’s face.

Jonathan ran a knuckle along his jaw, and a cool fire burned his skin in the wake of that touch. Then Jonathan’s mouth was on his, and David drowned in the flavors of honey and wine and the cloves that Jonathan loved to chew. Lush and insistent, their tongues met and played, tasting each other’s passion.

David wrapped his arms around Jonathan, willing himself closer still to the soldier. His hands roamed, exploring the expanse of firm, muscular frame. Jonathan’s hands, rough and callused, gently cradled his head as their mouths continued to duel. Suddenly Jonathan swept him up, lifting him clear of the floor, and laid him unto the larger bed.

He remembered he was naked, still speckled with blood. “Jonathan—”

“Shhh, be calm!” The soldier poured fresh water and continued to bathe him, gently wiping away the day’s horror. Once David lay clean and fresh, Jonathan pulled off his own tunic to stand boldly, yet somehow reserved, at the bed side.

Lust in Time Cover


Giant Killer appears as 1000 B.C. in the ManLoveRomance Press collection, Lust in Time, edited by the wonderful Rob Rosen.




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