Busting The Greenhorn excerpt

Chet leaned against the wall, pulling Jake against him in the shadowed corner. For a moment he just looked at the writer, studying his face as if to memorize it. Again he reached up to touch Jake. This time Jake didn’t dodge the hand but welcomed it, offering his cheek to the caress. Chet’s long fingers traced the line of Jake’s jaw, crossing the ridge of his chin to linger over his lips. Chet’s desire, made flesh, pressed against his thigh, demanding and insistent.

Jake’s heart hammered against his ribs; his breath, shallow and quick, rasped in and out of his throat. His own erection drew all his blood, making him dizzy with need.

Chet lowered his mouth to Jake’s; a warm breath caressed the writer’s cheek. The rancher’s mustache tickled Jake’s nose before his lips seized hold of Jake’s, pulling them in. Their mouths dueled, each taking and giving according to its need. Chet’s tongue entered the fray, forcing its way between Jake’s teeth. Jake tasted hops and the dark, rich flavor of beef.

Chet’s arms enfolded Jake, squeezing him. The sharp points of the cowboy’s nipples poked at the writer through his shirt. Jake’s hands scrabbled for purchase as his knees weakened. He grasped Chet’s firm shoulders for support.

The rancher gently pushed Jake back. “Lord, I’ve been hoping to do that since I saw you down by the river.”

“I’ve been wanting you to do it.”

Chet pinched Jake’s nipple. “I’ve also wanted to nibble on these.” The pressure on the tight nub sent electricity coursing to his groin and brain. Jake hissed as Chet rolled the sensitive flesh between his fingers. The last of his reticence evaporated.

“But I really want to see how well you ride—“Chet grabbed Jake’s ass with both hands, pulling their hips tight“—my big fat dick.”

Despite the implications of his recent dry spell, Jake’s life had been anything but sheltered, but he hadn’t often heard a line like that. Even fewer were the times he’d been turned on enough to follow through. He moved to pull back, but Chet’s hands maintained their grip, forcing their cocks together.

Jake cleared his throat. “It’s getting warm, wouldn’t you say?” He nodded toward the patio. “Why don’t we go outside? We can have a drink and talk. I wouldn’t want you to think I’m easy.”

Chet chuckled. “Oh, I never thought you’d be easy.” Releasing Jake’s hips, he swatted his ass. “Git along, little dogey.”

The night air sat still and warm, thick with the scent of pine, yet it raised gooseflesh on Jake’s arms. He shivered.

Chet ushered him to a secluded table in a dark corner of the porch and signaled the waiter for two glasses of wine. He moved a chair next to Jake, bending forward to kiss him. Jake gave in to the touch of the cowboy’s lips and immersed himself again in the taste and scent of the rancher. Woody and rich, the sensations threatened to overwhelm him.

Kissing a man in a Stetson was a new experience for Jake. He wondered what being fucked by a man in a Stetson would be like. He had a feeling he was going to find out.

Chet’s hand dropped from Jake’s neck to his shirt where his fingers deftly undid two buttons. He stroked a knuckle across Jake’s chest, rubbing against the hairs. The contact scorched Jake’s skin and blazed across his consciousness. Chet’s fingers found Jake’s nipple and teased the nub, pressing and rolling the flesh. Electric shocks coursed through the writer’s body.

Jake moaned. Emboldened by the darkness and fired by the excitement running in his blood, he reached over and slid his hand up the rancher’s thigh. His hand stopped when it encountered the wet spot. A dime-sized area grew at the tip of the cowboy’s dick. Jake stroked the damp spot with his thumb.

Chet shuddered and groaned. Shifting his weight, the rancher clamped a hand over Jake’s, forcing the writer’s palm against the swollen cock in his jeans. Jake’s cock throbbed in response. A drop of pre-come burned on his thigh. Jake shivered again, but not from a chill.

Chet’s free hand touched a fingertip to the spot on Jake’s jeans. The cowboy raised the finger to his mouth and licked the tip. A sly grin curled the corners of his mouth.

“I … uh,” Jake coughed. “I … uh … think we’d better take a walk.” His voice shook.

— © C.C. Williams 2012

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