Midnight Incantation excerpt

Untouched by moonbeams, seeming to absorb the nacreous light, the demon stood black and infinite, taking in the small, mundane—oh, so human—details of the room. A porn star calendar hung above the desk, two muscled young men engrossed in each other’s cock. Escher postcards stood at angles in the mirror’s frame. Crimson eyes moved toward Jason. He lay face down on the bed where the cotton sheet cowered over his legs, and the moon’s light edged the fine hairs on his arms and neck. Making a casual gesture with a scaled hand, the intruding spirit froze the bolt of the door in the jamb. Jason would not be leaving for a while.

Long bony fingers snagged the pale sheet, lifted and gently pulled it away, tossing it beside the bed. Exerting only the barest pressure, one taloned finger traced the curve of Jason’s ass, starting at the small of his back, up the rounded muscle, then down and along the inside of Jason’s thigh. By the time the digit had reached Jason’s calf, the claw had softened, paled, become a hand. What had been it was now he.

More heavily muscled than Jason and maybe an inch taller, he’d fashioned for himself handsome, rugged features. Deep green eyes with thick lashes gazed past a slightly upturned nose, blond hair framed a face strewn with a few freckles. His now-human ears stuck out just a little, giving him a disarmingly boyish cuteness. He looked as unlike a demon as was possibly imaginable. He was getting hard.

He moved around the foot of the bed to the left side. Again using just one finger with slightly more pressure, he caressed Jason. Starting right at his hairline and moving down in close, tiny zigzags, he stroked the downy skin from Jason’s neck to between his shoulder blades; the finger gliding back and forth, sometimes wide, nearly from armpit to armpit, sometimes in short, intense strokes. Slowly, sensually, the man/demon traced the length of Jason, crossing the plane of his lower back, scaling the swell of his butt in long strokes.

Atop the muscled hillock the demon let two more fingers touch Jason’s skin. The digits meandered back and forth along the furrow of his ass, now teasing, now firm. One finger dipped between the cheeks while his hand stroked over the curve and down. Down between the parted thighs to dance ever so lightly on the spot between ass and balls, the fingers tickled with insistent pleasure until Jason woke.

“Mmm…” he mumbled a first sigh of pleasure. “Wha… what?” Startled, his consciousness roused, Jason reared up, leaning on his forearm to look up at this stranger.

“Shhh, relax,” replied Dantelion, taking his hand away. He sat on the bed next to Jason, willing his erection to subside before Jason noticed it. “I saw you sleeping and couldn’t resist.”

“What are you talking about?” Uneasiness roiled in Jason’s chest. Something wasn’t right, but he couldn’t seem to think of why.

“Shhh. It’s not important.” The stranger’s voice, warm and rich, slithered into Jason’s ear.

“Who are you?”

Dantelion ignored the question. “Do you know how beautiful you look in this light?” Reaching Jason’s brain, the honeyed tones coiled around his will and dulled his apprehensions.

Struggling against the lull of the satiny sound, Jason repeated, “Who… who are you?”

Dantelion raised a hand to stroke Jason’s hair, lightly tangling in the golden-brown curls.

The gentle caress soothed, relaxing Jason even further. “How did you get in?” he mumbled, not quite sure why he wasn’t more alarmed to find this handsome stranger in his bedroom. Something about the man’s eyes, a particular gleam, reminded Jason of a cat stalking prey. Fighting his lethargy, he tried to be more outraged. “What do you want?”

“What I want should be obvious,” the man replied with a cute little laugh. “I just have to get you to want it too.”

–© C.C. Williams 2013                                                                     Buy Now!

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