Summer Stock Reviews

“I didn’t expect to see romance from this author as most of the works are pure erotica. This one, however, is pure romance, with a little dose of steamy sex.

Robert and Jeff went to a(sic) same school. They both took parts in college play productions together, and got close. Until Jeff left for California, becoming actor and date various actresses. Robert went to New York, becoming Pulitzer-nominated director and proudly out.

Megen, their mutual friends who also involved in many college play production with them, becoming professor in their college and later the director of the school’s Summer Stock. A program that brings famous artists and students together. She invites Robert and Jeff to participate in the program…

The story covers 15 years of their lives. And unlike other M/M books, Robert and Jeff do not get together the first time they are reunited. Recommended.”

— Arthur Bedwyr, via Goodreads, 10/28/2011

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