After Hours excerpt

I felt right at home: everybody bitched, just like family. Saturday night was finished. We’d been short-handed, so Louisa had belted down two Tanquerays with dribbles of tonic and tossed the keys to Adamo, telling him to lock up, as she lurched out the door.

Stocking fell to me and I moved around the restaurant refilling supplies. At the prep sink I closed the door of the first aid cabinet and did a double take at its attached mirror. With the proper angle I could see around the corner into the storage room—where Jayzee and Adamo were making out!

Mesmerized, I watched as Jayzee unbuttoned Adamo’s jeans and pulled out a breathtaking length of dark cock. Rolling foreskin between his fingers, Jayzee coaxed the bartender’s dick to full attention. Running fingers down the shaft, the busboy combed through the curly bush to cup the bartender’s balls and roll them on his palm. Adamo groaned. His plum-colored cock head peeked out past the retreating foreskin. Jayzee dropped down, taking the head in his mouth. Amazed, I held my breath as he swallowed the entire length, finally burying his nose in the black pubes.

Adamo gripped the back of the busboy’s head and began to fuck Jayzee’s throat, gaining rhythm and speed. With one hand tugging Adamo’s nuts, Jayzee used the other to pull out his own cock. His meat, cut and blue-veined, bobbed free, rising immediately. Wiping pre-come on his palm, Jayzee stroked the length of his hard-on, all the while his lips and tongue working Adamo’s cock.

Trapped in my slacks, my dick swelled uncomfortably. Adjusting my half-hard cock, I forced myself to breathe, not wanting to gasp and betray myself. Nervous, but unable to look away, I gripped my erection through the fabric of my pants. I had never considered myself a voyeur—I wasn’t even that big on porn—but watching excited me.

Suddenly a hand closed over my mouth. Axel’s voice whispered, “Enchanting, aren’t they?” I caught my breath.

Copyright 2011 – C.C. Williams

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