The Spirit Parlour Reviews

“Aldo Striker made a decent living selling used books in New Orleans, but his true calling was the psychic ability inherited from his mother. His Spirit Parlour was located right outside his bookstore, convenient for those who came seeking help. After Aldo located a missing child using his abilities, he was more well-known than he cared to be.

Tommy Roget was desperate for help. His parents had been tragically killed in a car accident, and Tommy himself had recently been the victim of a hit-and-run while riding his motorcycle. Aldo performed the reading, and seemed upset with the results, so upset that Aldo slipped into unconsciousness. After awakening, Aldo called the police to learn that Tommy had been the victim of yet another hit-and-run, and was hospitalized in critical condition. Can Aldo’s psychic ability solve this case and protect Tommy from the forces that are determined to kill him?

This super-short story had a lot of intrigue packed into its pages. Aldo’s ability to see things on another plane was exactly the kind of assistance that Tommy required. Their mutual attraction was not completely unexpected, and did not overwhelm the story. I appreciated the attention to detail and enjoyed the storyline.”

This review appeared in the All Romance eBooks newsletter, Wildfire (Vol 4, Issue 332), on 17 January 2012.

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