Six Sentence Sunday – 05 August 2012

The first SSS post from the new site! Yeah!

This week’s six come from Eye of the Beholder, one of the stories in Working Trade, my mini-collection of blue collar erotica which releases later this week.

When I met Carlo Montevecchio, he was eating oranges while a man with black hair and full, red lips sucked on his cock. This scene took place in the garden of Carlo’s home in Rome on a summer day that shimmered a pale gold, like late afternoon sun on the Tiber. Carlo lounged on a wooden chair in the shade of an ancient birch tree, surrounded by the bright bobbing heads of pink and scarlet poppies. He was naked, and the man—also naked—knelt between his legs with several inches of Carlo’s prick down his throat.

Carlo patiently separated the segments of an orange he had taken from a large blue bowl that sat on the table next to his chair, peeling the juicy curves one from another, and slowly placed them between his lips. Holding the fruit in his long, thick fingers, he resembled a giant pulling apart sections of a small world and devouring them, one by one.

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4 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – 05 August 2012

  1. This is wonderfully sensuous – colour, texture, scent taste and temperature. Terrific stuff, CC.
    I see you’re reading By Honour Betrayed. Lovely stuff and I can recommend Alex’s Under the Hill books too.

    • Thanks, Elin!

      Yes, just finished BHB – LOVED it! It has what must be the best wind-up scene I have ever read (and there’s been alot of ’em). So I’m looking forward to reading more of Alex.

      But first I’ve got some story about bees–or something–up next! 😉

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