Weekend Writing Warriors – 2016 03 13


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Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my sword and sorcery WIP, Radiq.

Radiq reined in Jessel atop the rise. The roan stallion blew and stamped, its breath billowing in the cool morning air. A slight breeze stirred Radiq’s hair and carried the acrid scents of horse and man. Nine days of hard travel had brought them to this hilltop. Their shadows stretched out before them to point the way to Thal Qedoq. The City of the Red Mages lay nestled in the foothills of the Great Western Mountains, its tall gates overlooking the Valley of Sha’Harim; he’d be riding through those gates by mid-day.

Ten years ago he’d ridden out those same gates and sworn never to return. But that oath meant little when weighed against the life of the man he now served, and Radiq refused to look any more closely at what that itself meant. Ironically, saving that life would mean sacrificing the one true desire of his own life, for Prince Vadim could no more be with Radiq than Radiq could fly to one of the pale moons, which even now faded as the sun grew stronger.

“Oh, my prince,” he thought, “why did you have to contract marriage with a sorceress?”

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