Seductive Studs – 2016 03 12


Welcome to Saturday’s Seductive Studs!

Today’s clip is from The Greek Room, a historical about a young Greek emigré, Christos, who finds himself employed in the home of an English earl. Here, Christos encounters the earl’s majordomo, James:

James paused on the landing and faced the newcomer. He took a moment to examine Christos—and what he saw was quite nice. Olive-skinned with balanced features, the young man would make Adonis jealous. James sighed. “Look ‘ere, mate. Sorry ‘bout that bit at the front door—old man Evans don’t like being’ disturbed over much. Jus’ doin’ my job, ya know.” He extended his hand. “I’m James.” 

“Christos.” The hand that grasped James’ was long-fingered, rough and callused. Not the poncey kind of hand James had expected. 

James gripped a little harder than would actually be polite—only to be equally matched. Clearly this chap was no slouch. Wonder what he’s like to fuck. James could easily imagine those work-hardened hands gripping and touching him. His cock twitched. 

“Welcome to Dunbarton ‘All.” 

“Thank you, James.” Christos matched his gaze with wide, green eyes. 

James especially liked those green eyes. Perhaps his being here won’t be so bad after all.

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