Saturday Seductive Studs – 02 February 2013


Greetings, all!

In order to satisfy those of more prurient interest ;-), I’ve continued following last week’s excerpt from Summer of History:

Undeterred by Ryan’s shifting posture, Scott focused his caresses on the sensitive flesh along the crack of Ryan’s ass. With a single finger he traced the whorls of hair that curled in and out of his lover’s butt. Moving slowly from side to side he drew a gentle line from the dimple at the base of his spine, along the curves of his cheeks, down to the wrinkled flesh behind his balls. Pausing only briefly to fondle Ryan’s sac, Scott’s finger retraced its path upward. All the while Scott slowly humped against Ryan’s flank.

Between the delicate touch on his ass, the unmistakable insistence on his thigh and the pressure of his own weight on his dick, Ryan’s body turned traitor. His cock engorged; tendrils of heat and physical craving worked their way into his brain, speeding his pulse and thickening his cock even more. And—damn it!—he knew that Scott would know; he had always been able to tell when Ryan was turned on. Indeed as if sensing Ryan’s arousal, Scott increased his attentions, probing more deeply with his fingers.

Groaning with both frustration and desire, Ryan gave in to the physical sensations.

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Seductive Studs – 02 February 2013

  1. “prurient interest” *snicker* I’m sure they’ll find that very satisfying.

    Here to provide supportive comments, honey, since I have nothing seductive to offer myself.

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