Six Sentence Sunday – 23 September 2012

Read more snippets!Greetings, all!

Beginning this week, I’m moving on to another work in progress, this tentatively titled Giant Killer. I’m hoping to have this off to a submission call for historical shorts in a month to six weeks. So without further ado …

The afternoon sun beat harshly on David’s back, drawing sweat from his pores and sending it rolling into his eyes. The lamb lay on a rocky ledge, just out of reach, and bleated in fear of its precarious position. Ignoring the yawning drop below him and adjusting his grip on the spiny juniper branch, the young shepherd stretched over the cliff’s edge. Farther . . . almost . . . just a . . . little . . . more—Yes!

Grabbing a hold of the little sheep’s coat, David dragged the lost animal up to safety and scooted the lamb toward the rest of the herd. He wiped his brow on his tunic, as he remonstrated the young beast, “Off you go—and there’ll be no more wandering down the hill!”

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5 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – 23 September 2012

  1. I’m intrigued with the title and the character’s name and position as a shepherd. Is this actually in biblical times, or something a bit more modern? Like set in a year followed by AD instead of BC?

    That asked, I love the description here, plus the glimpse at the character’s perseverance! I look forward to more snippets from this work.

    • Silver, the story takes place about 1000 BC.

      (I suspect you suspect who my MC is. This may make some people uncomfortable–if not totally freak some out. But, hey, things need a little shaking up some times. 😉 )

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