Six Sentence Sunday – 09 December 2012

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Greetings, all! And Chanukah Sameach!

We are continuing with Giant Killer. Last week we left Jonathan and Evram creeping up on the Philistine outpost.

Taking a deep breath, Jonathan moved out of Seneh’s shadow.

One of the guards spotted Jonathan, and the rest followed his pointing hand; a particularly large warrior, his dark-skinned chest crossed by only two leather straps, called out, “A Hebrew has come out of the hole where he’s been hiding.” The Philistines’ laughter carried across the scrubby plain and burned in Jonathan’s gut—it took all of his might to keep from charging at the bulky invader.

As Evram stepped out to join Jonathan, a second soldier, this one wiry and scarred, joined in the harangue yelling at them, “Another dog slinks out too—perhaps we should call for reinforcements!” The group exchanged back slaps, congratulating themselves on their own humor. Jonathan chewed on his cheek, maintaining a tenuous calm.

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9 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – 09 December 2012

  1. I can feel the control he is using to keep his emotions in check & not rush these guards. Great six. This story is so different, I’m find your excerpts very intriguing.

  2. S.E. is right, you’ve done a great job showing his control. I’m blown away by how much tension you’re able to spin in just six sentences. Well done!

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