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Greetings, all!

Today is the second of my new blog hops—Saturday Seductive Studs!

As I’m running behind schedule, I’ve decided to do a clip from Side Effects, my contemporary romance novella which should be coming out next month (fingers crossed).

If you’d like to play catch-up, go here. Where we’re at: Max, our narrator, has just invited his best friend and lab-mate, Damien, back to his room:

The drive back to campus was quick, our silence comfortable, yet heavy with anticipation. Our hands lay together on the center console, fingers entwined. I marveled at my change of fortune.

My door had barely latched when Damien pressed me against the wall, his hands cupping my face. Those hazel eyes glimmered in the dim light; I just wanted to fall into their depths, to swim along with those green flecks. He closed the distance and our lips met. The touch was shocking, thrilling—a hundred times I’d dreamed of this and not one fantasy could match the excitement that raced through me.

At first he was tentative, soft and gentle; his mouth tasted of mint. I wrapped him in my arms and pulled him closer, tangling my hands in his hair. His auburn curls slid like silk through my fingers. The kiss deepened; our mouths and tongues exploring, craving, enjoying each other.

I levered us away from the wall, and we stumbled, still clutched together, toward my bed. With a push I had Damien on his back, and I relished the look of him, rumpled and flustered—and hot to trot, judging from the mound in his pants.

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  1. Ah, what a kiss. Again, I loved the poetic description conveying the sensations so well. Your snippet really speaks to all senses. An excellent piece of writing!

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