Seductive Studs – 10 August 2013


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Christos’ thoughts spun. Never had anyone approached him so brashly. He was adept at the dance of secret glances and small gestures that was the way of the tavernas; but to have a man—particularly one as handsome as James—offer sex directly sent him into a spiral. Fear and surprise struggled with a desire that had smoldered since he entered the manor house.

Lust won.

Two young men kissing

“Kiss” by BLOoDyPaRaDiZe |

Gripping James by the neck, Christos captured those full lips and drove the Englishman backwards to the bed. Before he had even rumpled the counterpane, James had undone his tie, ripped open his shirt and was pushing Christos’ coat off his shoulders. The Greek youth released his companion just long enough to fling the jacket away and scramble out of his own clothing. James used the respite to shrug out of his braces and kick his trousers aside before lying back on his elbows and massaging his rising erection. “Oi, mate! You’re bloody fuckin’ gorgeous.”

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