Hump Day Hook – 18 September 2013

Hump Day Hook

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We’re half way through the week, which means it’s time for a Hump Day Hook! I’m stepping away from Subeo for a bit to explore the world of Seawrack, a gothic romance work in progress.

Jesse referred again to the limp piece of foolscap, his spidery scrawl beginning to run in the damp air of a misty Boston morning. Squinting did little to clear his vision. He clasped his umbrella beneath his upper arm, all the while juggling his portmanteau in an effort to wipe the drizzle from his spectacles. Despite his hat the lenses continued to be spattered.

Not for the first time, he reconsidered his decision to come north. Compared to Williamsburg, Boston felt cramped and claustrophobic, huddled as it was on its peninsula. His years at William and Mary seemed a lifetime ago. But that life was gone. Torn away by a chance encounter.

beacon-hill-streetHunched into his coat, Jesse strode across Beacon, stepping around its muddy puddles, and made his way up the narrow lane. Joy Street belied its name, looking gray and dreary in the muted daylight, as townhouses stood shoulder to shoulder along the slope. He stopped in front of a red brick home, its edifice guarded by black wrought iron.

This was the Rubicon. Unlike Caesar, though, he had nothing to which to return. With a swipe of his kerchief, he cleaned his spectacles, squared his shoulders and went to face his Pompey.

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