Six Sentence Sunday – 18 November 2012

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Greetings, all!

Time we again join our story, Giant Killer. This week’s snippet falls on the heels of last week’s six, in which Ziba had related Saul’s advice from the witch of En-dor:

“So we have searched long for one to play for the King, yet none whom we have found prevail against the spirit and end the King’s distemper.”

Trepidation crept within David’s chest, tightening his throat and roiling his gut—ever since that day on which Samuel the old prophet had visited so strangely, sacrificing a heifer and insisting upon anointing him, David had feared something was going to happen. As much as he wanted to leave Bethlehem and its sleepy dustiness, his duty was to Jesse, and Jesse needed him here. If King Saul were to demand his presence, how could he refuse? To refuse would be to shame and dishonor his father, yet to accept would be to leave Jesse helpless. Please, O LORD, pass this cup by me, he prayed.

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8 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – 18 November 2012

  1. Loving this. The story is very dry in the bible – even in the King James version – so it’s nice to see it properly fleshed out.

    • Hopefully by the end, the story–and the readers–will be anything but dry! It is certainly going to be very well “fleshed” out! Thanks so much for the ongoing support, Elin!

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