Six Sentence Sunday – 11 November 2012

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Greetings, all!

We are keeping on with Giant Killer, directly following last week’s snippet. King Saul’s servant Ziba continues his story of the ruler’s malady:

“At first he was visited only upon rare occasions, and the base mood would depart quickly. Over time, however, the King has fallen more frequently into this queer disposition and remains so for greater periods—oft times he refuses to rise from his bed, rejecting food and drink, as well as the company of any of his wives.

“We have gone so far as to consult even the wise woman of En-dor. She came with her bags of herbs and seeds and cast noxious things upon the king’s brazier, all the while mumbling through her veil. After which, she spoke roughly unto the King, saying ‘Why do you not command your servants here to go forth and seek one who can play upon the lyre? Then when this evil spirit of GOD comes upon you, he will play and you will recover.’”

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