Six Sentence Sunday – 04 November 2012

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Greetings,  all!

Hopefully everyone is recovering from their post-Halloween sugar coma and ready for some snippets! (If you’re still looking for some [eye] candy, check out my Halloween hotties.)

Today we are continuing with Giant Killer, fast on the heels of last week’s piece. David has met a stranger named Ziba, a servant of King Saul, and has questioned him harshly.

Ziba handed a wine cup to David and signaled for him to sit. “Refresh yourself, young man, whilst we speak.”

The messenger assisted Jesse to sit and then turned to pace momentarily, apparently seeking guidance from the uneven floor. “Following his slaughter of the Amalekites, King Saul returned to Gibeah with their king Agag clothed in chains and defeat.

“Yet despite this triumph, an evil spirit has come upon the King—his highness is seized by this vile demon and falls into a dark temper. The priests and prophets have prayed and scried and, according to them, the LORD has abandoned King Saul to this castigation, yet they offer neither relief nor abatement.”

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11 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – 04 November 2012

  1. Wow, C.C.! Two phrases in this snippet absolutely rocked me.

    “…turned to pace momentarily, apparently seeking guidance from the uneven floor.”

    What an absolutely perfect way to SHOW that the messenger was staring at the floor instead of meeting Daniel’s gaze. And then this description of the defeated king:

    “… clothed in chains and defeat.”

    Wow. Just…wow. Perfect language. See? I’m so impressed all I can say is “wow” and “perfect”. 😆 Not that I’m surprised. You have a way with words.

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