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As I’m celebrating the release of Lust in Time: Erotic Romance through the Ages—a great collection edited by Rob Rosen and released by MLR Press, my clip today is from my contribution, Giant Killer, the 1000 BC entry in the anthology.

Lust in Time Cover

The handsome warrior was more than an ordinary soldier; he was the king’s son. Surely he will have no time for a shepherd. David had clearly heard Jonathan’s frustration when he got saddled with his care. Silently he followed behind.

Jonathan’s chamber befit a soldier—sparse and spare, the room was little more than utilitarian—yet David could still tell he was with royalty. Rich woods and textiles comprised what masculine furnishings there were. A hint of cloves seemed to hang in the air. There was no decoration.

“As my father decided, that is to be your bed.” Jonathan pointed to a small cot shoved into a corner. Spare pieces of armor were stacked nearby.

“Th—thank you, my lord.” David looked around the room, missing the simplicity of Jesse’s house. His excitement had waned, and never had he wished so much to be in Bethlehem. Suddenly he felt very much alone.

“There is water and a basin so you may wash and change clothing.”

“Yes, my lord,” he replied, keeping his eyes averted. Looking at Jonathan just made his heart race and his mouth dry—it was easier to look at the floor or walls—anywhere but at the attractive soldier.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Seductive Studs – 02 March 2013

  1. Some love stories don’t start easily. It sounds to me like this is one of them. It’s a beautiful and intriguing snippet. It made me want to read on.

  2. An interesting take on the classic Bible story. I prefer this version 😀
    It seems like they have some things to work through, but if Jonathan plans to watch while David washes, I think they will be just fine 😉 Great snippet.

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