Hump Day Hook – 01 May 2013

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Greetings, all! It’s Hump Day! And even better—it’s a giveaway day!

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For today’s hook, I’m continuing with my WIP, Ark. If you would like to catch up with Luk and his world, click here.

Luk dropped down and sat on his haunches, a thumbnail trapped between his teeth. The misteree called to him. What was behind the rack? Why wasn’t it in the schematics? He glanced from the shelves to the hallway and back.

With a sharp nod, Luk crept across the room, quickly looking up and down the companionway. Master Jon was occupied out of sight, whistling tunelessly as he worked. Luk keyed the lock code, and the entry slid closed with a soft shush.

Quickly he unloaded the contents of the shelves, piling the containers wherever they might fit. Next went the entire section of shelving, each piece stacked neatly to the side. The exposed bulkhead resembled every other section of wall in the Ark—gray plastinel squares joined to more gray plastinel squares. Luk examined the segment and could find no irregularity, hearing only a hollow thump with every tap. He poked and prodded along the connections and was rewarded with a snick. A section had come loose.

Photo of old Door with lock

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Luk let out the breath he’d been holding. Grabbing hold he pulled, and the entire section swung out to reveal a door—a really strange door.

So, what’s beyond the door?

Leave a comment with what you think lies beyond the hidden door—along with your valid email address—to be entered in a drawing for a $5 Amazon gift card!

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‘Til next time!

10 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook – 01 May 2013

  1. Oooh, secrets! Secrets lie beyond the door! Maybe secrets to their past, secrets that would explain why Luk is different than everyone else. Maybe it’s documents or photos, or a passageway to some secret place deep within Ark. lol, my mind is going crazy with all the possibilities. Great hook, C.C.!

  2. This isn’t a very good guess, but I’d say it’s something top secret lying behind that door. Maybe some drawings about how to build something?

  3. First of all I love this story. 2nd) This is my hypothesis so far: That Luk is human, and everyone else is either from an alien species or they’re androids or A.I.’s of some sort.

    1) Failed experiments on creating a human (i.e. deformed babies in tubes).

    2) DNA samples of a variety of species from Old Erth, including human DNA.

    3) Clues about what happened to Old Erth (i.e. documents, records, etc.)

    Okay, so I watch way too much sci-fi, lol.

    Great hook! Can’t wait to find out what is really behind the door!

  4. I dont think my first comment took?? BUt i loved the hook. What is behind the door??? intrigued

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