Saturday Seductive Studs – 26 January 2013


Greetings, all!

This week I’ve chosen a bit from a work in progress, Summer of History. Our hero, Dr. Ryan MacDonald, is an anthropologist who gets caught up in some unseemly doings while on a research sabbatical. This scene is before all hell breaks loose:

Coming awake in the darkness, Ryan glanced at the bedside table where the clock glowed greenly—3:20. What had woken him? He heard the nighttime sounds of the loft: distant rumbles from the switch yard, gurgles from the plumbing upstairs, hip-hop bass beats fading from some passing car. Then he identified it—the not so quiet sound of someone trying to be quiet; Scott was home.

Lying on his side and feigning sleep, he listened as Scott shuffled quietly into the bedroom. He felt movement as Scott brushed the mattress and caught a whiff of sandalwood and patchouli—he recognized Scott’s body wash—so he had showered at the school’s rec center. What did that mean? The mattress squelched softly as Scott climbed into the bed. Nestling in close, he fit his body to the curves of Ryan’s back and ass. Ryan felt damp hair against the nape of his neck. So he showered just before coming home.

Not wanting to fight, Ryan made drowsy mumbling noises to convey that he wasn’t waking up. Apparently taking those as encouragement, Scott softly stroked a hand down along Ryan’s side to his groin. Determined to resist Scott’s late-night, or rather early-morning, seduction, Ryan mumbled some more and shifted position away from the caressing fingers and onto his stomach. As usual, Scott had become aroused quickly, and his erection now pressed against Ryan’s left butt cheek.

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Seductive Studs – 26 January 2013

  1. I hope there were extenuating circumstances because being woken up to lovemaking in the middle of the night is a fantasy of one of my boys, lol. Really great snippet. There’s so much info in so few words.

  2. Oh, I so much enjoyed reading the snippet. But I have a feeling somebody is about to land in trouble any minute now. Let’s hope he had a good and innocent reason to shower before coming to bed.

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