Seductive Studs – 31 August 2013


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It’s time for some Seductive Studs! This weekend, in honor of Labor Day here in the States, I’ve chosen a clip from my mini-collection, Working Trade. This is from The Eye of the Beholder:

Carlo took up a pencil and began to make a hurried outline of Fabrizio on the paper. I was amazed at how quickly the lines came together and the shape of the man emerged. After only a few moments, a rough image of Fabrizio had begun to form beneath Carlo’s skilled fingers.

“His body is exquisite,” Carlo whispered to me. “Look at how smoothly the lines flow together in his arms, at how the muscles at his waist stand out. It’s as if he is at his forge right now, a piece of iron before him waiting to be struck.”


Blacksmith at His Forge | Le Nain Brothers

I looked at Fabrizio standing silently in the warm amber of the studio lights and pictured him in his shop surrounded by the smoke from the fires, translucent swirls of heat rising around his sunburned face. I imagined a thin bead of sweat running down his cheek and slipping along the muscles of his neck until it reached the hollow of his throat. I saw the muscles of his legs tensing and releasing as his hammer struck the glowing iron, sending showers of sparks into the air.

“Go to him,” Carlo said quietly. “Discover what it is that draws you to him.”

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