Hump Day Hook – 23 October 2013

Hump Day Hook

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Time to check out some Hump Day Hooks! We are currently exploring the world of my gay, gothic novella, Seawrack. If you would like to catch up on the previous clips, click here.

Sherwood repeated the question, calling him from his thoughts. Jesse marshaled his resources. “Yes, sir. I am.”

“Good!” Sherwood set the paper aside and rose. A thrill shivered along Jesse’s spine—the man was indeed handsome. Even-featured with a strong, square jaw, Sherwood’s face was dominated by striking blue eyes beneath straight, black brows; the man extended his hand, and Jesse shook hands. “Come along, Masterson. Walk with me.”

cabinet-of-curiositiesBack through the house, up thickly carpeted stairs and along a corridor, Sherwood led, chatting amiably as he pointed out, here and there, curiosities obtained through his travels. Jesse could easily fix his type—offhand and cheerful and kind—and happily it never dies out. His anxiety faded as he walked along, pleasantly entertained by his host’s soliloquy.

The men settled at last in what was clearly Sherwood’s study. Books and papers lay haphazardly about the room, which, otherwise, was elegant and gracefully appointed. Sherwood grew somber as he filled a pipe. “I am grateful to Livingston for recommending you—and am even more grateful to you for considering this position—as mine is a truly awkward situation.”

“Truthfully, Mister Sherwood,” Jesse spoke into the lull while his host fired his pipe, “Doctor Livingston has told me little of the position; although I am happy to begin immediately. I understand that there are two children—a boy and a girl.”

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