Seductive Studs – 08 June 2013


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We are continuing with Summer of History and find out some more about Conall. For those who may need a brush up, click here.

Ryan spent the next half-hour exploring the world of Conall Shaughnessy. He was very well recommended by the Guides Association as well as numerous former clients. Ryan made a note to ask for contact information; a personal recommendation was always good. His rates appeared reasonable, based upon Ryan’s research the previous day.

English Pub Interior

The Butchers Arms, Hepworth, Yorkshire

A link on the website connected to the Wexmeade Arms homepage. Several pictures showed off the small, seemingly comfortable public house. There were photos of the pub room, low ceilinged with polished wood and shiny glassware; in-room shots showing comfy looking beds with pastel linens; and several pictures of the surrounding countryside, green lawns and groups of trees. The inn was even listed in the Historical Registry.

Striking was the photo of the owners, Peter and Marilynn Shaughnessy. The innkeeper was broad and blond, fair-skinned with striking blue eyes, bearing little resemblance to his dusky brother. Marilynn looked like a petite version of Peter, long flaxen hair, pale skin with a pert little nose. The Shaughnessy family was beginning to intrigue Ryan.

Whoa, boy, Ryan thought to himself. You can’t just go with the first answer to your post. There will be other responses.

But something was hooking itself into Ryan’s gut. His subconscious wanted to go with Conall. Ryan debated with himself and compromised by immediately replying to Conall’s email with several questions.

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  1. Oooh, I am intrigued. I bet Ryan will be on pins and needles to get to England now! Between the professor’s son and Connell…

    I wonder how Scott will react when he realizes Ry has other interests? Sure, he enjoys being able to sleep around, but something tells me he might not be as happy with Ryan being interested in other men.

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