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It is time once again for Seductive Studs and Sirens! We are continuing along with Summer of History,  my contemporary M/M romance with suspense and bad guys thrown in the mix. To catch up, click here.

Glancing again at the letter, Ryan’s eyes fell on the signature line: it was Ryder H. Forsyne, Junior, not Doctor Ryder H. Forsyne. The letter was from the great man’s son. Ryan thought back to the lecture; he vaguely remembered a young man helping Dr. Forsyne with his presentation. At the time he’d thought that the rather cute guy was just some AV geek from the university, but now he realized there had been a strong resemblance between the two men—father and son. The same dark hair and narrow face, one older, one younger; and neither had been unattractive, at least not to Ryan’s inexperienced eyes.

His home is a stress free work environmentDa-ding! Ryan’s email chimed, calling him back to the present. Moving the letter aside, he scooted his chair up to the desk and maximized the mail window. He quickly scanned the subject lines; two were from colleagues in the department offering congratulations—Myra must have sent out a bulletin; the third was probably spam, but the last subject caught his attention. The line read, “Chollerford Area Guide with Extensive Roman Knowledge: Available 1 – 20 June.”

Intrigued and excited, Ryan clicked the item. A custom-designed stationery page opened, headed with Wexmeade Historical Tours; accompanying the header was a photo showing a young man leaning against a Range Rover and smiling broadly at the camera.

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  1. Ohh, plot thickens – so the letter was not from the Doctor he remembers so fondly. And I wonder if the picture at the end was actually the Doctor’s son… dun dun dun!

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