Mid Week Tease – 2016 04 13


Hello, folks! Time for this Wednesday’s Mid Week Tease!

We continue with Ron and Charlie’s “tour” of the Alpha Gamma Pi fraternity from The Pledging:

“Joining a fraternity is joining a family.” Low and hypnotic, Jamal’s voice held his attention. “There’s a reason we’re called brothers—just like biological siblings, we’re alike in some ways and different in others. We’ll laugh, we’ll argue…” The coasting fingers had become stronger; Jamal pressed and massaged with his hand, as Charlie relaxed more and more into the caress. “We’ll fight, we’ll play…”

Doubt and fear still clamored in Charlie’s mind, but those apprehensions were quickly drowning in a rising tide of hormones. Christ! He wanted to feel something on his cock other than his own hand. Jacking off in the shower—unlike his dorm-mate, it bothered Charlie to masturbate with a non-participant in the room—was not good enough; orgasm dispelled the immediate craving, but did nothing to solve the problem—he was horny. And now, with a hot upperclassman half-naked and rubbing his back, why was he thinking all stupid and scared?

“But, most importantly, we’ll also love—which is my favorite part.” An arm followed the fingers and hand to lay across his shoulders, heavy with expectations.

Aww, fuck it, Charlie thought. He melted against the warm, firm body, wrapping himself into the embrace. Lips brushed his cheek, and he turned toward the fraternity brother. Jamal’s mouth was hot velvet against his skin, as the older boy traced along his jaw line to nuzzle beneath his ear. Wandering lower, Jamal moved aside Charlie’s shirt collar to ghost over his collarbone. The water bottle slipped from his grasp and thumped to the floor, forgotten.

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Mid Week Tease – 2016 03 30


Welcome to Wednesday! It’s time for a Mid Week Tease!

Last post we had a clip of The Pledging from Ron’s point of view. This week we join the action from where Charlie is sitting:

Charlie’s heart raced so quickly he thought he might faint.

He could feel the sex radiating off Jamal like heat from a furnace, and the cologne was just like Kevin’s—sharp and spicy, it went straight to his brain stem. He was so hard it hurt and—goddamn, he wanted to get off.

But just as much he wanted to run.

He knew he talked a good game—loud and confident, when he needed it—but this was different. He’d never had sex with anyone but Kevin. Sure, they’d tried some kinky stuff—ropes and wax mostly—but it had only ever been Kevin, whom he’d known for as long as he could remember.

He knew what Jamal was offering to him, to both of them. But he knew he would say or do something stupid, something to humiliate himself or worse to embarrass Ron. He couldn’t move for fear of betraying his lack of experience.

Jamal continued, his voice soft and easy. “I heard Jake give his ‘The fraternity is all about support’ speech.” A hand ghosted across Charlie’s back, and he flinched, but Jamal seemed not to notice. “Now I know we like quality pledges, and I’m all for support, but that’s not everything that Alpha Gamma Pi is about.”

The hand returned, and Charlie didn’t jump. More definite this time, the fingers coasted along his spine, stopping here and there to rub at a particularly rigid spot. He began to unwind. Maybe it won’t be too bad. Without moving his head, he glanced sideways. Jamal lay back, his legs splayed out and a large bulge distended his cargo shorts. Ron had nestled into the corner of the sofa, his head thrown back and his right leg against Jamal’s left. Ron’s hand stroked up and down the fraternity brother’s thigh. Even with Ron’s tan, his skin was pale against Jamal’s

Charlie’s cock got harder still.

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Mid Week Tease – 2016 03 16


Welcome to this week’s Mid Week Tease!

Continuing a tour of the WIP pile brings us to The Pledging, a contemporary college romance with interesting bits, which is in that difficult stage of first draft edits. This clip finds our protagonists Ron and Charlie having a private tour of the Alpha Gamma Pi workout building:

“Sit, relax!” As Jamal walked toward the fridge, he pulled off his shirt in one fluid motion, tossing it aside on a chair. “We’ve got water—bubbly or flat—juice, soda. No liquor is allowed down here, so it’s all virgin—present company excluded, that is!” Again that wonderful laugh. 

Ron knew he was staring, but he couldn’t look away—Jamal had broad shoulders, an incredibly slim waist and not an ounce of fat. Textbook definition on the fraternity brother’s back made Ron want to run his fingers along each of the clearly visible muscle groups. They flexed and relaxed, dancing under Jamal’s skin, as he rummaged around for drinks. “What’ll it be, dudes?” 

“Water,” Ron managed to croak; his fingers weren’t the only thing that wanted to play with the half-naked brother. He glanced over at Charlie who was clearly trying to look anywhere but at Jamal. “Definitely water.” 

“H two O, it is.” With three sweating bottles, the AGP brother returned to the sofa and handed out the water. When he flopped down between Ron and Charlie, a tangy scent wafted around him. Patchouli, Ron thought, and he had to squirm to get more comfortable; he twisted a little to lean against the arm of the sofa, trying to seem casual and still disguise the growing bulge in his pants. 

On the other side Charlie sat ramrod straight, his hands clasping the unopened bottle in his lap. He perched on the edge of the sofa like he were in church—or on trial. He always seemed so self-possessed—he was out, proud and didn’t take shit from anybody—why would he be nervous now? Ron wondered at that. 

A sharp crackle made Ron jump. Jamal was rubbing himself with the cool water bottle; some of the condensation had beaded in the curly hairs scattered across his equally magnificent chest. Two silver bars pierced his nipples. Ron’s pants had definitely gotten too tight. 

“I wanted us to have some quiet time.” Jamal crushed the plastic bottle and tossed it into the nearby recycling bin. “You know, to answer any questions you might have.” His glance slid between them as his arms settled across the back of the sofa. “To get to know you guys better.”

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Mid Week Tease – 2016 03 09


Welcome to Wednesday and the Mid Week Tease!

As some of you know, I always have little things brewing on several back burners. It’s really quite symptomatic of my WADD—not to mention that I bore easily. So I sifted through some WIPs and came across a noir-y sorta mystery I have under construction.

Today’s Tease is from The Case of the Leonine Lover:

From first I could tell he was going to be trouble.

A mane of blond hair, long enough to curl on his collar, caught what sunlight managed to barge through the smudgy windows of the office building. As he leaned against the wall beside my door, that same light caressed the bronze skin of his crossed arms; judging from the size of his biceps, they alone were probably keeping some expensive gym in business. A white V-neck tee-shirt stretched over his sculpted chest, clinging to that muscled torso like a needy lover.

I sighed—the last thing I needed was trouble. But I did need to pay the rent—at least last month’s—so I nodded as I approached the door.

He levered himself away from the wall and extended a large hand. “Mr. Dimon?”

“Like someone else would be coming here at 9:30 in the morning?” Warily, I buried my hand in the outstretched paw.

His grip was considerate – not the “I’ve got more testosterone than you do” crusher of most hyper-masculine gym posers I’d met. His skin was soft, too. I wanted to kill him – or fuck him. Fuck him hard and fast, and put him out in the morning with the milk bottles. “That’s me. What can I do ya’ for?”

“I’m about to be arrested for murder.”

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