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On a Lee ShoreOn a Lee Shore by Elin Gregory

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aarrrr, matey! A right good read! And that’s about as much pirate cliché as is involved with this delightful read!

Now in the interest of full disclosure, I did win this ebook–but I had planned to purchase it in any case, based upon Elin Gregory‘s previous release, Alike As Two Bees.

While this is not a wildly sexy romp, On a Lee Shore is very well-written with fully realized characters, including a wonderful cast of secondaries! Kit and Griffin are great leads, but don’t sell the doctor or the Welshmen short!

I read this book much more quickly than I had thought, ’cause I just couldn’t put it down! A great plot supports this story with neat twists. It’s not just a series of events that simply allow a love story to develop. Now there is one caveat here–the romance comes along later in the story–so this may not be as quickly as some readers would like. For me there was plenty of everything to keep me interested.

I actually consider this a 4 1/2 star read–so it is very highly recommended.

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