Six Sentence Sunday – 16 September 2012

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Greetings, all!

I would like to start by thanking everyone who has followed along and supported this story line. I treasure those little gems of encouragement. Today will be the final six from Side Effects. To find out the rest you’ll just have to read the story (which should be out in a couple of weeks).

We continue directly from last week’s revelation:

Damien’s thumb paused in its caress—my heart ached, missing the contact. “You’re even cuter when you blush.”

“Why tell me now?”

“I wanted it to be right—but I got tired of waiting.” The little touch began again, and my heart started anew.

Taking a hold of Damien’s hand, I slid from the booth, and spoke past that same tightness, “Then let’s not waste any more time.”

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Six Sentence Sunday – 09 September 2012

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Greetings, all!

Side Effects continues today with this snippet following immediately from last week’s six. Max has found himself confronted with his fondest desire—embodied in his best friend, Damien:

I swallowed, trying to clear a tightness in my throat, “No, not at all.”

Damien’s thumb made soft, slow circles on the back of my hand, while he continued, “Good—because I was hoping we might get … ahem … better acquainted.”

His touch was burning a hole in my mind. “Damien, we already know each oth—” The implication jammed my brain—all I could think about was the gentle contact he was making on my skin—then my mental gears screamed into action. “Ahh … uh …  oh … you mean physically!”

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Six Sentence Sunday – 02 September 2012

My apologies to everyone for last week’s SNAFU. Things got away from me and the next thing I knew it was Sunday–and I hadn’t posted! Anyhoo …

This week’s six is again from Side Effects (which should be releasing later this month). In the last snippet Damien reacted poorly to Max’s seemingly less than excited response to Damien’s news. Now Max is on the hot seat:

I leaned across the table and grabbed his arm, ignoring the tingle along my nerves. “You’re not stupid–you just … surprised me–that’s all!” I smiled what I hoped was a charming smile.

Damien sat forward, his hand landing on mine and sending more tingles to race up my arm. “Then you’re not offended?”

I was anything but offended; the electric jangles were making my pulse race and my vision swim.

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Six Sentence Sunday – 19 August 2012

This week’s six continue from Side Effects and follow directly from last week’s snippet, where Damien revealed his attraction to Max:

“Yeah, you,” Damien replied, cocking his head to the left, which threw a lock of brown hair across his forehead.

God, how I wanted to touch those curls; but I focused on wiping the ketchup off my pants leg—and ignoring the fullness that was developing in my crotch. “Well, that’s … uh … unexpected.”

Damien threw his hands up. “I knew it was going to weird you out–I should have simply kept my mouth shut.” Leaning back in the booth, he scrubbed his face with his palms and moaned, “Jeez, I am soooo stupid!”

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Six Sentence Sunday – 12 August 2012

This week I’m returning to my WIP, Side Effects. (If you’d like to catch up, click here.)

Our narrator, Max, and his psychology lab partner, Damien, have taken a dinner break during which Damien has dropped a small bomb on unsuspecting Max:

“I’m gay,” Damien told his plate, “but I don’t know if I should be telling you–I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

Feigning nonchalance I definitely didn’t feel, I picked up a French fry and dragged it through my ketchup. “Noah’s my best friend; so why should your being gay make me uncomfortable?”

“Max,” Damien looked up to meet my gaze, “I’m betting that Noah doesn’t dream about you.”

 The French fry landed in my lap.

“M … me?”

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Six Sentence Sunday – 05 August 2012

The first SSS post from the new site! Yeah!

This week’s six come from Eye of the Beholder, one of the stories in Working Trade, my mini-collection of blue collar erotica which releases later this week.

When I met Carlo Montevecchio, he was eating oranges while a man with black hair and full, red lips sucked on his cock. This scene took place in the garden of Carlo’s home in Rome on a summer day that shimmered a pale gold, like late afternoon sun on the Tiber. Carlo lounged on a wooden chair in the shade of an ancient birch tree, surrounded by the bright bobbing heads of pink and scarlet poppies. He was naked, and the man—also naked—knelt between his legs with several inches of Carlo’s prick down his throat.

Carlo patiently separated the segments of an orange he had taken from a large blue bowl that sat on the table next to his chair, peeling the juicy curves one from another, and slowly placed them between his lips. Holding the fruit in his long, thick fingers, he resembled a giant pulling apart sections of a small world and devouring them, one by one.

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