Seductive Studs – 04 May 2013


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It’s time for our weekend wander amongst the Studs and Sirens of LGBT fiction.

I am continuing with Summer of History, my contemporary M/M romance WIP. For those who would like to catch up—or need a refresher—click here for the previous snippets. Today’s piece (which is a bit longish) offers some insight into Ryan—our protagonist’s—background:

Ryan sat back, gazing at the letter propped up against his laptop screen. Honestly, he could hardly believe what he’d read: he had been promised over $40,000 to tramp around Great Britain and prove his theory! For years he’d followed scraps of information, scattered here and there in history books or journals or someone else’s research. He’d chased rumors and gossip, reading poorly written little books on local legends, guide books of local histories, always looking for the smallest piece of the puzzle and never finding what he needed to make all the parts of his premise work. Now he could afford to do the groundwork for himself—he was going to England in order to look, to search, to find exactly what he needed, exactly what would prove his dream and make them all understand.

Ryder Forsyne understood what it meant to have a vision.

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Ryan recalled his early college years. God! They seemed ages ago! As an undeclared sophomore he had attended a lecture by Doctor Forsyne. Ryan had been enthralled by the famous anthropologist’s seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of pre-Norman England; following his presentation, he’d fielded question after question, many from Ryan himself. Ryan’s own interest in England had been sparked by storybook tales of Arthur and Robin Hood; but English literature and history had proved too dry for Ryan’s taste, he had craved to know about the real people and what they’d been like: the Druids’ religion and Celts’ culture were the soil from which the other stories sprang. Forsyne’s seminar had sated his craving, but fueled his curiosity; after that fateful lecture Ryan had joined the anthropology department. Now years later Doctor Forsyne was helping him, guiding him once more.

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