My Sexy Saturday – 2016 04 09

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For today’s snippet I’ve chosen a little bit from my historical piece, The Greek Room.

The Earl’s manservant is just showing Christos to his new living quarters:

Christos’ head swam. 

The suite of rooms was larger than his father’s entire house in Arpos. A sitting room furnished in heavy chintz pieces connected to a bedroom dominated by a four-poster bed; there was even an adjoining bathroom, gleaming with white tile. James set the tiny valise at the foot of the enormous bed. “This is the best bed in this wing.” He brushed at the counterpane. “Care to give it a tumble?” 

Christos turned around; James stood close behind him. “Excuse me?” 

The Englishman took his hat from his hand and tossed it onto a table. “I asked… if you’d… like… to fuck.” James’ hands settled on his shoulders, neither pushing nor pulling. This close to the servant, Christos realized a spicy scent, like cloves or cinnamon, hung about him. 

“Wha—“Christos swallowed with difficulty. “Why would you ask that?” 

“Why not? You’re a fine looking fellow. And you are Greek after all, aren’t you?” James’ fingers had found their way under his suit coat and were gliding over his chest. “Nice and solid, too—just like I like.” 

Christos’ thoughts spun. Never had anyone approached him so brashly. He was adept at the dance of secret glances and small gestures that was the way of the tavernas; but to have a man—particularly one as handsome as James—offer sex directly sent him into a spiral. Fear and surprise struggled with a desire that had smoldered since he entered the manor house. Lust won.

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