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Given the hop’s title, I naturally thought about water when it came to picking a topic. But just plain water wouldn’t do, so something water-related… and sexy… seemed more in order. That, of course, led me to deciding to present an excerpt from Coxswain All The Way which appears in my most recent collection Sophomore Season. Now I couldn’t do a post with just an excerpt and some promo…

So, since Coxswain All The Way is about rowing and there’s nothing sexier than rowers—except naked rowers—I have to give a shout out to the Warwick University Boat Club‘s (UK) senior men, who for the fourth year are presenting their Naked Rowers Calendar!

Warwick's Naked Rowers

Click the photo to visit their shop for calendars, photos, even video! Proceeds benefit not only the Boat Club, but also go towards fighting bullying and homophobia! And for those that like some naked girls, the Women’s team has done their own this year as well.

Like the guys on Facebook, follow them on Twitter.

Now for a clip from Coxswain All The Way:

Derek just happened to be riding through Kentucky in the passenger seat of Kevin Patterson’s stripped-down van with seven hunky guys sleeping behind him. With only two seats in the van—one for the driver and another for a passenger, the team took turns in them. At night, since they were driving nonstop, the navigator’s job was to keep himself and the driver awake.

Derek felt lucky not only to be part of an outstanding team but also to be sitting next to Mac, talking about everything and nothing while the rest of the boat slept. MacIntyre Davidson Holbrook was a sight to behold. At six feet three and 210 pounds with short blond hair in tight small curls, he would give Adonis a run for his money—blue-green eyes and little hair on his body only added to his advantages. His chest looked shaved—all the better probably to show off his awesome definition. Since they weren’t in the same dorm, Derek had only seen him in the showers after a couple of regattas. If his lax uncut dick was any indicator, he had a hefty piece between his legs.

Still early spring, the weather cooled off at night; with heading south the rowers anticipated the warmer climate, and their clothes had changed accordingly. Mac wore cut-off sweats, a D&G tee-shirt with the sides ripped out and his ever-present Vans. Since Mac sat twenty feet away from Derek in the “engine room” (the four seats in the middle of the 60-foot-long boat), the coxswain hadn’t developed as close a relationship with the rower as he had with Jake, the crew’s stroke, who sat only two feet or so in front of him. In fact, he and Mac had seldom talked about anything but crew. The night wore on, and they grew more comfortable with more than just small talk. The conversation moved from general banter to deeper but still impersonal things to more personal topics.

It was inevitable they’d eventually talk about sex.

The conversation began as a detached, almost academic, discussion. When they did get more specific, Mac used the word person, as in “I was really attracted to this person” rather than “I was really attracted to this girl.” This peculiar usage piqued Derek’s interest—he often said the same thing. He wondered if Mac’s motivation was the same as his.

I have to find out. But how?

The conversation lulled, and Derek steered the topics back to high school sports. After hearing about Mac’s prowess as a wrestler, Derek related his accomplishments in swimming and water polo.

With his bona fides established, he told Mac how he’d always admired wrestlers, especially their muscle mass. “It’s like those statues the Greeks and Michelangelo made. God, I wish I could develop a body like that!”

“There’s nothing wrong with your body.” Mac noted, “You’ve just gotta realize most of it’s genetic. You’ve got that lean, muscular swimmer’s build most people would kill for.”

Heat crawled up Derek’s neck, and he opened his window a bit. “Thanks.” Emboldened by Mac’s level-headed response, he decided to go out on a limb. “One of my motives for getting involved with crew was—“Uncertainty stuck in his throat as he nudged closer to the edge, and he coughed. “Was to be able to admire—at close range—such specimens of male anatomy, like…” Then he jumped off, “Like you.”

Mac had been animated up until then, but now he stared at the oncoming road, silent and pensive.

Derek’s pulse pounded in his head. Did I blow it?

He stared straight ahead as well, watching the white lines run through the headlights and under the van. “Sorry if I offended you, Mac. I hope you don’t think…” Derek struggled to find the words to argue—convincingly—he wasn’t queer. Quickly he glanced at Mac.

Lit by the green instrument lights, the rower’s handsome profile pulled at something in Derek’s chest. Facing forward, Derek peripherally saw Mac’s hand creep toward his crotch. He risked another peek at him. For an instant their eyes met before Mac’s hand quickly returned to the wheel, leaving behind a tent in his sweats!

That was the green light Derek had been hoping for.

Unbuckling his seat belt, Derek shifted to face Mac, who when he heard the click looked over, his eyes wide and fearful. The rest of the boat slept on the floor behind them. Mac glanced at the rear-view mirror, terror at being discovered quivering along every lovely muscle.

“Take it easy, Mac,” Derek whispered. “They’re all asleep. You know we both want the same thing. I think you’re one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen and just want to make you feel good and have some fun at the same time.”

Squirming around, Derek knelt on the floor and reached across the engine cover toward his prize. Before grabbing it though, he decided to check out the rest of Mac. He stretched a hand into the loose top and ran his palm over Mac’s stomach. Silken skin covered the rower’s washboard abs. His fingers scaled that magnificent torso, eventually reaching his pecs. With an elbow resting against Mac’s cock, Derek’s fingers traced the sharp definition between his firm pecs and his abs. Mac inhaled sharply but maintained control of the van. On their pass across his chest, the wandering fingers touched his left nipple. He exhaled with a sigh. Small and hard, the nub was quite sensitive. A tentative index finger caressed the hard flesh, and the lump pressing against Derek’s elbow twitched and grew even larger.

After playing with the more accessible of Mac’s nipples, Derek ran my fingers down the valley between those pecs and, farther down, along his abs. Derek had to touch those chest muscles again. He reached up and placed his whole hand over Mac’s right pec, the nipple jabbing the middle of his palm. Hand pressed hard against the muscle, he rubbed in a slow, firm, swirling motion. With each circle he released a bit of the pressure until the palm barely grazed Mac’s aroused nipple.

Mac struggled to keep from jabbing the accelerator to the floor. He groaned, producing quiet little sounds of pleasure. Looking up at his chiseled features, illuminated by the faint dashboard lights, Derek trailed his hand down to Mac’s belly. The rower whispered, “My dick, dude, my dick. Take it out.”

Not one to wait for a second invitation, Derek pulled the drawstring on the sweats and untied them. That done, Mac used his free hand to pull his tee-shirt up over his head, baring his torso from throat to pubes. He raised himself off the seat a bit so Derek could pull down his pants for better access to an amazingly fat and long joystick. Nested in downy blond hair, Mac’s cock was a sight to behold. Derek gasped. Just looking at it, arched against that perfect stomach, was orgasm inducing.

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When Sparks Fly Blog Hop

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 Welcome, everyone! And Happy Independence Day!

237 years and this most recent one has seen the greatest developments in GLBT equality in the US—but we still have some distance to go.

237 years since the words “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” were written. Yet the greatest nation on Earth still doesn’t offer true independence to its GLBT citizens, while 15 other nations (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, and Uruguay) have enacted national legislation to recognize same-sex marriage rights.

In addition 17 other nations have some type of civil union or registered partnerships (Andorra, Austria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Hungary, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom). It’s also worth noting that a large number of these countries also offer health coverage to all their citizens and have actual gun control laws, among other 21st century innovations. 😉

Happy 237th Birthday! Here’s to many more to keep getting it more right! So let’s celebrate with some sexiness and let the sparks fly!

SophomoreSeason18x27My second year omnibus collection, Sophomore Season, is now out in paperback and ebook! It features sixteen stories, including my most recent Grandville College novella, Side Effects. Today I’m posting an excerpt (adults only, please!) from Spit Shine:

“What’s the matter, Dan?” Ryan paused the Xbox, stilling a zombie in mid-explosion. “You’re pacing like a caged lion.” His big blue eyes gleamed, filled with concern. At 21 Ryan was really still just a pup, growing into his paws. And like a puppy, he was young, adorable and eager to please—or to follow any command I might give him.

I grabbed a handful of his straw-colored hair and messed up the carefully faux-hawked look, making him appear even more irresistibly boyish.

“It’s nothing.” I ducked, evading his attempt at revenge. “Just the usual Sunday evening blues: I’m thinking about the Myerson prosecution and really not looking forward to heading into the office tomorrow.”

“Then don’t think about it!” He shrugged, turning back to the undead invasion. Employing a machete and Uzi, he cleared the level. “You want to fuck?”

Slightly amazed, I looked up from the crossword I was trying to finish. “Ryan! For chrissake! You spent half of the night handcuffed to the bed, and I screwed the living daylights out of you in the shower this morning! How much more sex can your ass take, anyway?”

Ryan shot me a bad boy leer. “My ass can handle anything you can dish out, stud. What do you say we put in some porn? I got a new DVD with those hot Czech twins! Yummy!”

Over the years I’ve found it rarely pays to let your lover get too cocky. “Maybe later.” I pretended to stifle a yawn. “I’ve got to polish my shoes for the morning.”

“I’ll get the polish,” Ryan offered—a hint of mischief sparking in his eye. Something was up—Ryan and manual labor rarely occupied the same piece of space-time. Abandoning the video game, he vanished from the family room. Returning from the bedroom, he confirmed my suspicions—he’d changed out of the jeans and button-down shirt he’d worn to brunch. Dressed only in a torn, gray tee-shirt, white Jockey shorts, and a pair of dirty gym socks, he looked hot as hell.

“Something tells me—”

“Ssh!” Ryan held a finger to his lips. Favoring me with a view of his tight ass, he rummaged under the kitchen sink and came up with the cardboard box I keep filled with various pastes and waxes. “One shoeshine coming up!”

He beamed, quite pleased with himself. After spreading out some old newspapers on the kitchen floor right under my feet, he searched through the shoeshine box for the black polish. “You might have to remind me how this is done,” he warned me. “It’s been a while.”

Curious to see just exactly where all this was leading, I decided to play along with his game. “All right, first you have to get all the dirt off.”

Immediately, Ryan dropped to his knees and began licking my black penny loafers!

I watched silently, not sure how to respond to him on all fours giving my shoes a thorough tonguing. We’d never done anything like this before—role-playing had always struck me as silly. Still, the sight of my boyfriend, wrapping his hot, wet tongue around my size 13 loafers, his Jockey-clad butt sticking straight up in the air, was proving to be a major turn-on for me. I rubbed the growing bulge in my jeans with the palm of one hand while my other hand inched its way underneath my tee-shirt toward my left nipple. I was seriously aroused.

Ryan lapped at my shoes, working for a good five minutes. “Guess they’re clean now, huh?” As proof, he stuck out his tongue. The sight of his luscious mouth, now black with grime, drove the air from my lungs and all my blood to my crotch. Instantly, my dick was rock-hard and filled out the tightly packed crotch of my jeans.

“Now I suppose I apply the polish.” Ryan grinned up at me, his head cocked to the side. What a pup!

“Dry them off first,” I ordered. “Otherwise the polish won’t adhere well.” I figured what the hell! If we were going to do this, we might as well do it right.

Grabbing a hold of his tattered shirt, Ryan ripped the tee-shirt off, exposing his tanned smooth chest. Tearing the grungy rag into thirds, he went to work, drying my left loafer while I worked my right foot up between his legs. His cock stood upright, stretching the pee-stained cotton of his shorts. I pushed my heel firmly against his stiff dick.

Ryan moaned softly. “Yeah, work my dick for me!” He pressed his crotch even harder against the sole of my shoe. It was a ball buster for me to see the fucker so horny. I was only too happy to oblige.

Still, a little discipline never hurt anyone. “Keep your mind on your work, boy,” I warned, removing my foot.

To celebrate the holiday and to reward our intrepid blog hoppers, I am giving away two e-format copies of my novella, Side Effects. To enter, leave a comment below with how you would like to make the sparks fly this holiday! Don’t forget to include your valid email address, as that is how you will be notified if you win!

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Seductive Studs – 15 June 2013


Greetings, all! It’s Saturday and time for Seductive Studs!

We are continuing with Summer of History. To catch up, click here.

Making some progress on the field trip had lightened Ryan’s mood. He was still pissed with Jackson and his lack of compunction, not to mention disappointed in his own lack of resolve, but he wasn’t seething about it anymore. In order to distract himself he tried to focus on grading essays, but his thoughts kept wandering back to Conall Shaughnessy. He kept listening for the ping of incoming mail, willing Conall to respond.

Guy texting

Photo credit: adamr via

His cell phone buzzed. Flipping it open, he found a text from Jackson. Meet 4 lunch?

God! That was just like him. Ryan knew that Scott was going to want to discuss the blow up. He always sought to intellectualize what to Ryan was an emotional issue—their relationship. And doing it over lunch made it difficult for Ryan to express just how really pissed he was. Why do I let him do this?

Knowing that a refusal would just prolong the inevitable, Ryan replied, Where?

Faculty dining rm.

Oh, hell no! No way was he going to do this in view of any colleagues. He texted back, Not in mood 4 ptomaine. Manley’s in 45.

LOL! C U there.

Shutting the phone, Ryan headed to the shower.

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Colors of the Rainbow Blog Hop


Greetings, all, and welcome to the Colors of the Rainbow Blog Hop!

After considering what to write for today’s post, I decided that I wanted to do something different than just post an excerpt and buy link for my latest release Side Effects. I’m going to talk a little about a recurring setting in my stories—and its background, so I’m calling this:

Location, location, location

Side Effects is set in the small Iowa college town of Grandville. A number of my stories take place at Grandville College, and I attribute that to the fact that I attended a small, midwestern college myself—and enjoyed every year of it! Much more so than the time I spent at a large, urban university for my graduate work.

If you’ve read at least two of my Grandville stories, you may notice that the characters often have sex in at least one less-than-typical locale! For those who haven’t read any yet, here’s the evidence:

Summer Stock NEW 6x9


In Summer Stock, Jeff and Robert hook up in a storage room backstage of their Oklahoma! production;


C.C. Williams' The Pickup Game


Noah and Jerry (who have a cameo in Side Effects) get to know each other really well in the middle of the Life Drawing Lab in their story, The Pick Up Game;


steambath cover

Gus from All I Am For (appearing in Shane Allison’s Steambath anthology) explores a bathhouse;

Side Effects Cover



and, of course, in Side Effects, Max and Damien do more than study in the library!


So why do I like to use these types of locations? They’re often dirty, not necessarily that comfortable, and sometimes not all that private either! Well…

‘Cause they’re fun to write!

Not only can there be unusual props—a purple fainting couch for Robert and Jeff, or a wrought iron king-sized bed for Jerry and Noah—but also some other element to spice things up—the danger of discovery, for example. These are the things that make for a better than run-of-the-mill love scene.

Hopefully, they are fun to read, as well.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “That’s all well and good, but nobody really does that sort of thing.” Au contraire, mes amis! I’ve done the research! Okay, that’s what I’m calling it. 😉

While attending the above-mentioned college, I had two roommates and a narrow, single bed—the same situation my boyfriend was in. This lack of privacy forced some creativity in terms of where to have some fun—and we weren’t picky! The auditorium stage, a chemistry lecture hall, the roof of the library—just to name a few! All of them added a little something extra to our times together.

So, just as with real estate, an important element of romance is location, location, location!

C.C. Williams Giveaway

Leave a comment below with your most memorable location—personal or fictional—to be entered into a drawing for an ebook from my backlist. Be sure to include your valid email address as the winner will be notified by email following the end of the blog hop.

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Enjoy the hop!

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Hop Against Homophobia 2013 – Post 2

HAHAT 2013 2Greetings, all! Welcome to another post for the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia. I had originally intended to do several posts throughout the Hop, but we all know about good intentions… To read my first post, click here.

So, to finish things off I wanted to start this post by highlighting a recent event which I feel is a positive indication of how the world is changing little by little:

In February, US Olympian and Leeds United soccer player Robbie Rogers came out as a gay man—and left professional soccer. Read about that—with some hot pics—hererobbie rogers LA Galaxy gay player

Last night (Sunday), he debuted with the LA Galaxy as they defeated the Seattle Sounders, making him the first openly gay, professional soccer player! First, there’s Jason Collins playing basketball, now Robbie playing soccer. So, what happened to the myth of no gay sports stars???

I think it’s high time that ALL the closeted players—and God knows, there has got to be more than two—throw off their chains of self-imposed oppression/repression and join the rest of us in the light! It may not always be sunny—but it sure as heck is a lot less dark and dreary!

Gay, lesbian, trans professionals of all sorts go to work every day and talk about their REAL lives with the REAL people with whom they work. That is what makes the REAL difference in changing peoples’ minds about homophobia and transphobia. Why should professional sports players be any different? A great many of them can make an even bigger difference because people look up to and admire them. With great power comes great responsibility.


“If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise.”

–Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I like this quote because the meanies are always saying how God doesn’t like something—or someone—which acts/behaves the way God made it/them. Well, they should take their grievance up with God and leave the rest of us alone!


I’m finishing up with some eye candy!

Robbie Rogers shirtless pics

Robbie Rogers via

Unattributed via

Unattributed via

Our featured guest, Robbie Rogers.

And finally some romantic kisses to remind us that ultimately it’s all about loving someone—whomever that may be—the way we want to—however that may be—without anyone telling us it’s right or wrong!

"Crazy For You" by CuriousMushoo |

“Crazy For You” by CuriousMushoo |

"Kiss" by Yaoisy |

“Kiss” by Yaoisy |

"Kiss, boys, kiss" by applausexplease |

“Kiss, boys, kiss” by applausexplease |

"Forbidden Kiss" by xm0rphinex |

“Forbidden Kiss” by xm0rphinex |

"Boys Kiss" by Darkmagcite |

“Boys Kiss” by Darkmagcite |

Unattributed via

Unattributed via

I am doing a giveaway from this post too! Leave a comment by midnight (PDT) on Tuesday, the 28th, with either your thoughts about closeted sports players or your own favorite kiss photo, along with your valid email address, to receive a chance to win a selection from my backlist! The winner will be randomly selected from the comments and notified through their email.

Thanks for reading!

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Hop Against Homophobia 2013 – Post 1

HAHAT 2013 2 logoGreetings, all! Welcome to my first post for the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia!

In conjunction with the International Day Against Homophobia, the hop runs from May 17th through the 27th. Over 170 LGBTQ authors, publishers, reviewers and artists have joined together to increase awareness of the ongoing issues regarding homophobia and transphobia. Visit everybody throughout the Hop for great information and cool prizes!

So I’ve been racking my brain about what to write for this Hop post. What can I add to the mix that is new or informative or interesting? I mean—come on—everything that has needed to be said has been been said, right?

Well, apparently not…

Today (Thursday) I came across this article on glo.msn (yes, it’s originally from Cosmopolitan) about punk rocker Tommy Gabel from Against Me!, who is now Laura Jane Grace. Great articles, both on glo and Cosmo, with lots of supportive comments and brouhaha about pronouns (the Cosmo article uses “he” when referring to pre-transition Tommy and “she” when referring to Laura–some people didn’t catch on to the chronology.)


Tommy with daughter, Evelyn.


Laura Jane Grace.










Yet, the VERY FIRST comment on glo reads as follows:

Norman Nonnweiler · Concordia University Chicago

Woopie! Another mentally ill person being coddled by the medical industry. The people who perform this surgery are the real criminals. Is this man so despirate(sic) that he needs to become a fake woman to advance his music career? Well yah got your name in the news. Let’s hope it never appears there again. A man can not become a woman even if you do turn his thing inside out. It’s sad that this nonsense even is news.

So apparently we do need to continue to educate, inform and generally shout down the ignorant people of the world. It was nice to see the number of scathing reactions to Norman’s comment (if you scroll down far enough, you’ll see mine).

Many best wishes to Laura as she continues her journey…

Now part of this Hop is, of course, PRIZES! Leave a comment below with how you would respond to Mr. Norman (along with your valid email address) to win an e-copy of my most recent release, Side Effects, a contemporary M/M romance. The winner will be chosen from comments to this post (other prizes will be forthcoming on other posts) and notified through their email, following the conclusion of the Hop on the 27th.

Good Luck!

Be sure to check out the rest of the Hop participants—and enter to win other fabulous prizes—here:

‘Til next time!

UPDATE: (05/27) – I have a second post with its own drawing here.

Guest Blog: Ciaran Dwynvil Interviews Vincent from In Blue Poppy Fields

Today I’m handing the reins off to Ciaran Dwynvil, who is making the rounds promoting his newest release, In Blue Poppy Fields.

With a unique voice and vivid descriptions, Ciaran populates his world with a great variety of individuals; an interview with one of whom he will be sharing later on.

Welcome, Ciaran! The blog is all yours…

guardian demon banner

Thank you, C.C., for having me as your guest today. I’m very excited to be here to tell you about my newest gay erotic paranormal fantasy, In Blue Poppy Fields. The book will please not only all fans of Belial, the Prince of Trickery, the Lord of Lust and the Antilight… aka Guardian Demon, but also all readers who love vampires.

Though… maybe not all as vampire stories differ greatly. Some have gloomy, horror atmosphere, some are full of blood and violence, still others brim with dark sensuality. How should you know ours would be to your liking? Apart from reading a sample chapter on Amazon or Smashwords to get a feel of the tale, you can meet the men from our world in a series of interviews given as a part of the In Blue Poppy Fields release tour. Let’s first take a look at the book and then we can enjoy the interview with Vincent.

in blue poppy fields cover

A victim to another man’s cruelty, talented and beautiful theater actor Adhemar Lebeau learned not to trust and not to love anybody but himself. Falsely accused of his master’s murder, he has to accept assistance of mysterious Count Sanyi Arany to later discover his savior is a vampire. Forced both by a fatal illness and aftershocks of torture experienced during his unjust imprisonment, Adhemar agrees to the only possible cure. Rebirth.

Healed in body but not in mind, he guards his independence, free will and heart. He is not able to give love, only the fulfillment of lust. Yet, satiation of sensuous longing is not enough for his Sire and he knows it. When an eerie malady strikes and seems to deplete Sanyi’s life energy for unknown reasons, Adhemar understands his fears and agrees to keep a street boy, Reyach, as a pet for both of them in hope it will soothe the unspoken worries.

Out of necessity he finds himself in the role of the only hunter in their company, and out of attachment he accepts the responsibility readily. Indulgence in blood and carnal pleasures fills his nights and vampiric powers give him the feeling of safety. Until the evening when he carelessly falls prey to High Demon Belial’s plays that quickly turn into more than either of them has bargained for.

In spite of a hard start, Adhemar feels burning urge deep in his heart and no matter how much he denies it, the cause of the strange sensation is a budding seed of affection brought to life by the insufferable demon. But letting Adhemar learn to love somebody other than him is not what seemingly innocent Reyach plans.

A bright and crisp morning is kissing the frozen land and Adhemar and Sanyi dream their scarlet dreams in bed, kept warm by warming pans Vincent tucked under their blankets. It’s the time of the day when he would normally take a rest too. Nap he would. Just for a couple of hours to keep himself going. A valet to two vampires, he doesn’t indulge in long sleep. Today it will be even shorter than usually as he has agreed to meet me for an interview.

His body is lounging on the sofa and his eyes are closed when I sit down in my armchair. But he is not asleep. His eyelids open slowly and lazily when he feels I am ready to start. He has just been conserving his energy. Wise of him. “Good morning, Vincent,” I greet him and ask: “Have you had an easy night?”

“Good morning to you too, Ciaran,” he gives me a small smile and adds: “As easy as it could be.”

So, it was a hard one like all the others ever since Sanyi’s malady had struck. There is little I can do about it apart from going through our talk quickly not to rob him of the rest he needs. “I won’t hold you long today,” I promise and his smile of appreciation widens. We don’t need much talk to understand each other, he and me.

“Then by all means go ahead with the questions,” he prompts me and I ask: “What is your author like?” It still sounds strange to me to inquire about myself but they all read the questions in advance and agreed it should be kept there. It doesn’t make the moment any less awkward though. “Hardworking,” he says and it’s my turn to smile as I think the same of him. “To handle a daily job and spend every free moment to write for us, or to speak about our stories is not easy,” he continues and I soar on clouds of his praise.

“You know it brings me pleasure to write for all of you. It’s not work,” I say. “If somebody works really hard, it’s you.”

“You know it brings me pleasure,” he quips and I’m happy to be counted among those few who ever see a more playful part of his soul. Not just the stoic mask he puts on for most of the world.

“I believe the next question was about our world,” he changes the topic as if he has just heard my thoughts. Perhaps he has and I nod.

“This world brings mangled happiness,” he observes and I utter silently: “It does.” What irony to be a man to young immortals and still have to be concerned about their well-being. But Vincent doesn’t complain. “Still it is a good world to live in,” he confirms his optimistic view on things and I melt. If I had a man, I would like him to be like Vincent. I would like Vincent to be my man to be more precise. But I am not a noble to have a valet and there aren’t enough of hours in the day for him to squeeze in yet another master into his schedule. Two vampires to serve are just enough.

He must see my thoughts in my eyes as he arches his brow in amusement and I quickly leave my musing behind and give him the next question: “What do you want the readers to know about you?”

“That they need to look beyond what their eyes see if they’d like to understand me.” A cryptic answer as it is, it’s true and I have to chuckle. I know his story and still he has just managed to grab my interest. Do I really know everything about him? He keeps smiling at me softly, and patiently waits for my next question. Well, we will have plenty of time to deepen my understanding as the story continues with its second part. For now I ask: “What is the one thing you are proud of?”

“That Sanyi and Adhemar are safe. That’s the only thing that matters,” he speaks firmly, with conviction. Yes, he saved both of them and would do it again, should the need arise. I nod and bite my upper lip. For all the loyalty and devotion his heart brims with, he doesn’t know how to cure Sanyi’s malady. But we will not speak of it today. The story will unfold in its right time. “You saved them,” I praise him and add: “They won’t ever forget it.”

“Prithee, I just did what was needed,” he mumbles. Yes, I know, he rarely takes credit. His ego doesn’t really demand it. I don’t argue as I don’t wish to make him feel uneasy and instead I ask: “What would you never share?”

“Never say never in eternity. There are times when you have to share all with your close ones,” he remarks and once again, he is right. Has experience taught him such selflessness or has he always been like this? I’d like to know and perhaps will learn one day if he allows me to see his past in full. “That’s true, Vincent. You are a wise man if I may say so,” I offer and he gives me a small smirk together with: “If you say so.”

“What is your most intense pleasurable memory?” I steer our conversation to hopefully delightful recollections.

For a moment he inwardly debates his answer before he finally shares his thoughts: “Pleasurable… is an interesting word. It can encompass pain and suffering too. The moments can be bitter-sweet and perhaps more remembered for their taint than purity. But to answer your question… I find it pleasurable to feed young masters and the night when they both fed from me is unforgettable.”

“For me too,” I whisper and he nods. “Yes, you experience it all with us. Strange as it is… I think you are there with us. In our lives.”

True enough. I feel their pain and pleasure, tears and joy like my own. But that’s a topic for another, more private conversation and so for now I only agree: “I feel like that too.”

It seems he has expected this answer and doesn’t need to hear more. He tips his head in satisfaction and coaxes: “What’s the next question, Ciaran?”

“Who or what is the greatest love of your life?” I remind him of the list of questions and for once he gives me a truly boyish smirk. “I don’t think anybody needs to know.”

I chuckle and shake my head but yes, I respect his privacy. “Perhaps you could at least tell the readers about your best ever kiss,” I offer him an easy way to leave the previous topic.

“Kisses held little value to me when I still indulged in them. There are other pleasures these years that have wiped memories of kisses off,” he dodges the question in a way that piques my interest. “Like?” I prompt him to elaborate but he only adds one word: “Giving.”

I’m not surprised. Considering his most intense pleasurable memory, another reply wouldn’t do. “Shall we then share a snippet with giving?” I ask for his permission. “But of course. We would like people to read our story,” he agrees readily but I can see he is barely repressing a yawn of tiredness. He needs to sleep, I know.

“My thanks, Vincent, for our talk. Where can the readers meet you again?” I signal we are almost done with our chat for today. “My pleasure, Ciaran. In Blue Poppy Fields, that’s where they can meet me again. But now if you can excuse me…”

“Certes. Sleep well,” I bid him good morning and rise to my feet to leave the room. But before I do so, here is the promised snippet:

Pain pulsated through him in waves rising from his neck and wrist, rolling, rolling, rolling through his frame, joining together somewhere in his chest. But it was an agony of affection and he gave them his gift readily, relishing in the regular milking pulls against his wounds. They both fed in a gentler way now. Their inner beasts had calmed down under the soothing caresses of his powerful blood and neither of them tore his flesh in the effort to lacerate the veins and make them bleed harder. Only an angel’s blood had the power to turn rapacious savages into silently purring kittens. But they wouldn’t know. They would just think that attachment had stopped them in their attack, that it had made them savor the feelings of satiation slowly, gently, thoughtfully. In time, they would learn the same with each other. In time they would learn to truly control the scarlet rage, the needy rush, the desire to kill. In time… and it would take years, maybe decades. But they had all the time in the world and nowhere to hurry.

Did the little peek into our world capture your attention? In Blue Poppy Fields is currently available at Amazon and Smashwords.

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With this I hand C.C.’s blog back over to him. It has been my pleasure to be your guest, C.C. Thank you for having me over today.


You’re welcome, Ciaran! And many thanks to Vincent for taking time out of his schedule to share with us.

In Blue Poppy Fields is definitely on my TBR list, so add it to yours as well!

‘Til next time!

Lucky in Love Blog Hop

lucky on love logo


Greetings, all! Welcome to my stop on the Lucky in Love Blog Hop, where we’re talking about being “lucky in love” and what that means.

There is a Persian proverb that says,

“Go and wake up your luck.”

and Sophocles wrote,

“Chance never helps those who do not help themselves.”

In other words, one’s “luck” is manufactured by oneself!

So being “lucky in love” must be about putting yourself out there and taking chances. “Faint hear ne’er won fair lad.” No romance ever comes from sitting alone at home hoping for love or being fearful and not pursuing romance when it does show up.

This concept—being open and taking risk—plays a big part in my cowboy/BDSM novelette, Busting the Greenhorn.

C.C. Williams Busting the GreenhornJake is on vacation, looking just to relax, when he meets Chet, who is a little more focused on romance. Chet pursues Jake, who initially resists.

Jake relents and, eventually, opens himself to some new experiences and finds something that he hadn’t expected—love.

Read a review here and an excerpt here.

Busting the Greenhorn is available at

My BookstoreAll Romance | Amazon | BN

Dozens of self-help guides advise “pursuing activities you enjoy in order to meet people with similar interests.” So here’s my question:

How would you like to (or did you) meet Mr. Right?

Leave your answer below to be entered into the drawings.

I’m giving away two prizes: 1) a $5 Amazon Gift Card and 2) a Lucky in Love shamrock magnet. The shamrock magnet from lefthandasylum.commagnet—which I think is just perfect for this event—is handmade by a local artist I met when I stopped at the Spring Wicca/pagan Festival last weekend. You can visit his website by clicking on the picture. (Unfortunately the magnet is only available to entries from the continental US.)

As well, all comments are entered for the Lucky in Love Blog Hop Grand Prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. You can enter over 200 times!

1st Grand Prize: A $100 Amazon or B&N Gift Card

2nd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more!

So be sure to answer the question and visit all the blogs listed here.

Good Luck and Happy Hopping!

‘Til next time!

Lust in Time available now!

Lust in Time Cover

Lust in Time: Erotic Romance through the Ages is now available from MLR Press in both print and ebook formats.

Since I’ve been tagged by Ciaran Dwynvil in the 7/7/7 meme on Facebook (this is how you play: Go to page 7, 77 or 177 of your manuscript, count down 7 lines, then copy the next 7 to your status; after that, name 7 more authors to come out and play), I’m taking the opportunity to promote the Lust in Time release. My bit is from my story Giant Killer, which is the 1000BC entry in the anthology:

While he and Ziba travelled from Bethlehem, David had planned how he would answer Saul, how he would make the king see that Jesse needed him at home. Back and forth he’d debated with himself until he knew exactly what he would say. Now that was all gone, and he was just a shepherd kneeling before the mightiest man in Israel.

When Saul bid him look up, David glanced at the soldier. The man smiled—and that smile reached those deep-brown eyes and filled David with a sense of calm and confidence. He realized that no words would convince Saul; only music could sway the king. And music he could make.

Click here to read the excerpt at MLR Press (which happens to be the opening of Giant Killer) 😉 .

Check out Facebook to see who I’ve tagged. (Hint: They’re also in the anthology!)

‘Til next time!