Seductive Studs – 18 January 2014


Happy New Year, everyone! (Hey, it’s still January!)

Getting the year off to a start has been a bit of a challenge, but things are looking good! Just released is my newest collection, Those Grandville Guys, which brings together all the current Grandville stories and adds two new ones to the mix.

Today’s clip is from one of those new stories, Double Team. We first met Jerry and Noah as Noah told their story, The Pickup Game, and we now hear from Jerry, as he and Noah explore a new dimension of their developing relationship:

My trigonometry assignment was turning into Swahili, and I was two degrees from banging my head on the desk in frustration when Noah came crashing into our dorm room. His backpack and text books flew across the space, thumping loudly against the wall.

“That damn Rufus Sherman is at it again!”

“What has your not-so-secret admirer done this time?” I struggled to keep from grinning. Noah is just so cute when he’s angry.

LibraryGuy“I’m in the library, studying for my Differential Equations exam, and Sherman sits down across from me.”

“So? There are worse things to look at.” Tall, dark, handsome—and able to be outsmarted by a bag of gravel—Rufus Sherman was the archetype of the dumb jock and, admittedly, the last person I’d expect to be showing up in the library.

“So?” Noah’s voice slid up a full octave. “He started rubbing his foot on my leg, making straight for my crotch!”

Ever since he’d met Noah at a fraternity party, Rufus had had a total crush on him. I choked back a snicker.

Noah glared at me. “It’s not funny!”

I tried my best to look stern. “What did you do?”

“I moved, of course.” Noah sat on his side of our beds. “Then he followed me.”

“Did you talk to him?” I knew that Rufus was harmless—although an outrageous flirt, he was a total bottom, who’d exploded out of the closet when he arrived at Grandville.

“Yes! I told him to leave me alone!”

“Playing hard-to-get will only egg him on,” I warned.

“I’m not playing hard to get!”

I had to indulge my inner theater queen: “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

 “Don’t quote Shakespeare at me!” Melodramatically, Noah flopped back against the pillows, flinging an arm across his face. “Why did you guys have to pledge him?”

“He’s a legacy! His father is Lambda Chi; his uncle is Lambda Chi; his grandfather is Lambda Chi—and donated a building! We couldn’t not pledge him!” The fact that Rufus was an All-Conference running back for Grandville’s football team didn’t hurt either—he was a pretty big feather in Lambda Chi’s cap.

“I know. I’m not blaming you.” Noah sighed. “He’s a nice guy—and, God knows, he’s good-looking—but he won’t take ‘no’ for an answer!”

“Well…” I considered the possible ramifications of my next words. They could leave me hanging from a really flimsy limb. Ah, fuck it, I thought. “Then say, ‘Yes.'”

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Seductive Studs – 23 November 2013


Welcome, everybody!

For this weekend’s selection I’m featuring a clip from a short story, Late Night Menu, which appears in my upcoming collection, Those Grandville Guys. Bon appetit!

What a crappy ass birthday!

The one shift I want to take off, and I get stuck working. Not even for my twenty-first birthday would someone cover my shift. Now, granted, it was the graveyard shift, and Shay’s Diner, being out on old route 30, is probably the least busy place in Grandville at that time of night. But, come on, you only turn twenty one once!

The clock had trudged so slowly to four a.m. that I’d’ve sworn it was running backwards. I’d had one customer all night—old Jacob Wilkerson in for his coffee and oatmeal after getting off his shift at Wal-Mart. It’s a boring, lonely job when you’re not busy, but the one whose schedule I could swing with my college classes and basketball practice.

67332The shriek of brakes drew my attention away from a wrinkled and smudgey copy of the Gazette. A big rig had pulled into the parking lot, its running lights framed in the front window. Thank God!

The door opened, and in walked a big muscular guy with curly, jet-black hair and a friendly smile. “Mornin’,” he drawled.

“Welcome to Shay’s.” I winced at how perky I sounded.

He sauntered to the booth directly opposite where I had been leaning and slid in.

Suddenly nervous, I focused on gathering up a menu, placemat, silverware, napkins, and a glass of water, and walked to where he sat. He was about 30 years old, six foot-four and two hundred and ten pounds of rippling muscles, no fat at all. Masses of curly black hair showed over the collar of his V-neck shirt. What a hunk!

He gave me more of that friendly smile—and had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. “Hey there, Bones.”

Now I know I’m skinny, but I’m good-looking too, so I guess “Bones” pretty much describes six-foot-two, hundred-and-thirty-five pounds. Wanting to redeem my corny greeting, I strove to be casual as I set up the table, “‘S up, dude?”

“Nothing… yet.” Our fingers grazed as I handed him the laminated sheet that passed as Shay’s menu.

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Seductive Studs – 12 October 2013



Time for some Seductive Studs and a visit to The Greek Room! If you would like to catch up or have a refresher, click here.

Fluidly, James rolled them over and, sliding along Christos, took his cock in his mouth. Christos nearly spent right then and there. Months it had been since he’d had anyone to pleasure him, and—while he wasn’t adverse to masturbation—self-abuse hardly held a candle to the sensations of lips and tongues. Particularly as when as masterfully applied as James did. A wracking groan escaped him.

MmmmWet and hot, James’ mouth was seemingly all over him. First suckling his bollocks, then licking around his corona, then—most exciting—taking his full length into his throat. Rare was the Greek man who would suck cock—it was considered womanly, a sign of submission. Even rarer still had been one who could take him in his entirety.

Yet James had managed to bury his face into Christos’ crotch. He could hear the rasp of James’ breath through his nostrils, his mouth jammed with Christos’ manhood. He laid his hands on the dark hair, holding the young man in place as he penetrated his face. James’ throat pulsed, his lips and tongue massaging Christos, as he brought him closer and closer to climax.

As pleasurable as that release would be, Christos wanted intercourse. He wanted to feel the Englishman beneath him, to drive into that most intimate of regions.

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Seductive Studs – 14 September 2013


 Greetings, all!

Welcome to the weekend and time for some Seductive Studs! We are returning to The Greek Room, so if you need a refresher, click here.

Evans’ native pragmatism reasserted itself; he would soldier on. That dream was not the only diversion he had.

Composed again, Evans walked to the shelves and pressed a small switch, hidden within the detailed carvings. He pulled open the section of bookcase and entered the steep, narrow staircase that descended into the depths of the manor. Upon reaching the bottom, he found another switch, flooding the space with glaring white light. Evans smiled at one of his new technological toys. He’d be damned if Lord Armstrong’s was going to be the only estate in Northumberland to have electricity.

Greek pottery

Greek pottery

Lovingly he ran his fingers across the array of items displayed throughout the room. Statuettes of ancient athletes and shunga netsuke of muscular Samurai stood alongside naked male figures from Egypt, Babylon, China, all carved of ivory and whalebone and jade. Paintings and sketches showed a variety of scenes, some from de Sade’s The 120 Days of Sodom. Framed papyri depicted every conceivable penetration of a male body by another, some singularly, others in groups. Frequently he imagined Agamemnon and himself populating those drawings. The earl’s hand strayed to his crotch and caressed a nascent erection.

Evans crossed the room to a heavy door, taking a key out of his waistcoat. From the room beyond he retrieved a large, flat envelope. London requires replenishment. He patted the envelope, recalling his pleasure at its contents. They will particularly enjoy these.

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Seductive Studs – 07 September 2013


Greetings, all!

The weekend is here, and it’s time for some Seductive Studs! We’re returning to The Greek Room, so if you would like a refresher, click here.

Robert Evans, Earl of Corbridge, stared at the doors, long after they had closed behind Christos. He marveled that the young Greek émigré had walked out of the green fields and beech copses of Northumberland and into his home. Blond and olive-skinned, the young man was clearly his father’s son; he even had Agamemnon’s emerald eyes in that face worthy of Adonis. It was as if his dreams had been made real.

Grief welled in his breast. The thought of Agamemnon weak and ill seared him. He had always treasured the thought of returning to Greece—to Agamemnon—as a palliative against the numbing boredom of his familial duty. Heartache choked him, and he sank into nostalgia.

Spartan swordsman

Spartan swordsman

Memories of his Greek lover rose before him—images of him and Agamemnon entangled beneath the bleached-white canvas of an impromptu lean-to. The heat and lust drawing from their pores a cloud of musk and tangy man-sweat while kestrels screamed in the air above them. The hard flat plains of Agamemnon’s chest and belly heaving beneath him as he rode the Greek’s hard cock. All came back, as fresh and vibrant as if it had happened yesterday, and Robert lived in them for a while.

But now that escape was gone.

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Seductive Studs – 31 August 2013


Greetings, all!

It’s time for some Seductive Studs! This weekend, in honor of Labor Day here in the States, I’ve chosen a clip from my mini-collection, Working Trade. This is from The Eye of the Beholder:

Carlo took up a pencil and began to make a hurried outline of Fabrizio on the paper. I was amazed at how quickly the lines came together and the shape of the man emerged. After only a few moments, a rough image of Fabrizio had begun to form beneath Carlo’s skilled fingers.

“His body is exquisite,” Carlo whispered to me. “Look at how smoothly the lines flow together in his arms, at how the muscles at his waist stand out. It’s as if he is at his forge right now, a piece of iron before him waiting to be struck.”


Blacksmith at His Forge | Le Nain Brothers

I looked at Fabrizio standing silently in the warm amber of the studio lights and pictured him in his shop surrounded by the smoke from the fires, translucent swirls of heat rising around his sunburned face. I imagined a thin bead of sweat running down his cheek and slipping along the muscles of his neck until it reached the hollow of his throat. I saw the muscles of his legs tensing and releasing as his hammer struck the glowing iron, sending showers of sparks into the air.

“Go to him,” Carlo said quietly. “Discover what it is that draws you to him.”

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Seductive Studs – 24 August 2013


Greetings, everyone!

Time for some Studs! It’s back to The Greek Room, so if you need to catch up, click here.

Christos paused to admire the lanky servant, whose fine black hair dusted smooth planes of wiry muscle, before crawling across the bed and molding his body along James’. Retaking James’ lips, his tongue coaxed its way between James’ teeth and the Englishman’s teased back. While their mouths sparred, hands glided, stroking and touching, and hips bucked with dueling cocks.


Yes_they_are | DravenSeb |

“You are quite thrilling—attractive as well.”

James pulled away to look up at him. “Chris! You gotta not sound so posh.”

“What do you mean?” Christos’ brows drew together.

James rolled his eyes. “’What do you mean?’” he mimicked Christos’ rounded tones. “You sound like some toff!”

“What is a ‘toff’?” He stroked a lock of hair off James’ brow.

“A toff is an upper class fancy pants.” James nipped at his hand, catching his index finger between sharp teeth, and sucked on its tip.

Christos trailed the spit-slicked finger over James’ chest. “You sounded… posh… when you answered the door.” He circled a hairy nipple, and the little nub pushed against his hand.

James’ hands coasted over his back, leaving cool fire in their wake. “That’s jus’ for appearances!”

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Seductive Studs – 10 August 2013


Greetings, all! Saturday has come again and it’s time for some Seductive Studs!

We are returning once more to The Greek Room. If you’re new or would like a refresher, click here.

Christos’ thoughts spun. Never had anyone approached him so brashly. He was adept at the dance of secret glances and small gestures that was the way of the tavernas; but to have a man—particularly one as handsome as James—offer sex directly sent him into a spiral. Fear and surprise struggled with a desire that had smoldered since he entered the manor house.

Lust won.

Two young men kissing

“Kiss” by BLOoDyPaRaDiZe |

Gripping James by the neck, Christos captured those full lips and drove the Englishman backwards to the bed. Before he had even rumpled the counterpane, James had undone his tie, ripped open his shirt and was pushing Christos’ coat off his shoulders. The Greek youth released his companion just long enough to fling the jacket away and scramble out of his own clothing. James used the respite to shrug out of his braces and kick his trousers aside before lying back on his elbows and massaging his rising erection. “Oi, mate! You’re bloody fuckin’ gorgeous.”

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Seductive Studs – 03 August 2013


Greetings, all!

Yes, I have been absent recently–no good excuse other than lots of stuff going on!

It’s time for another visit to Christos and James in The Greek Room. For a refresher, click here.

James set the tiny valise at the foot of the enormous bed. “This is the best bed in this wing.” He brushed at the counterpane. “Care to give it a tumble?”

four-posterChristos turned around; James stood close behind him. “Excuse me?”

The Englishman took his hat from his hand and tossed it onto a table. “I asked if you’d… like… to fuck.” James’ hands settled on his shoulders, neither pushing nor pulling. This close to the servant, Christos realized a spicy scent, like cloves or cinnamon, hung about him.

“Wha—“Christos swallowed with difficulty. “Why would you ask that?”

“Why not? You’re a fine looking fellow. And you are Greek after all, aren’t you?” James’ fingers had found their way under his suit coat and were gliding over his chest. “Nice and solid, too—just like I like.”

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Seductive Studs – 20 July 2013


Greetings, all! Another weekend is upon us, which means some more Seductive Studs and Sirens!

It is time to return to The Greek Room. This week we get to see things from James’ perspective. For a refresher or to catch up, click here.

James could feel the Greek’s eyes on his back.

He did feel kinda bad for the blighter—James was a wanton eavesdropper and had overheard Christos’ story—but he was still jealous. Six years he’d worked for the randy old bender, come with him up here to north bum fuck Egypt, leaving behind the posh and comfy townhouse in London—and now this bloke shows up outta nowhere and gets a suite! It was horse shite!

Not that this Greek chap wouldn’t be a handsome addition to the household—certainly easier to look at than Charlie the groom. Although Charlie did fuck like a grenadier.

But… if the bleedin’ muck snipe did have somethin’ in with the old man, then it probably wouldn’t hurt to be on his good side. Bloody diplomacy!

StairsJames paused on the landing and faced the newcomer. “Look ‘ere, mate. Sorry ‘bout that bit at the front door—old man Evans don’t like being’ disturbed over much. Jus’ doin’ my job, ya know.” He extended his hand. “I’m James.”

“Christos Stefanopolous.”

The hand that grasped James’ was long-fingered, rough and callused. Definitely not the poncey kind of hand that James had expected. “Welcome to Dunbarton ‘All.”

“Thank you, James,” replied Christos, matching his gaze with wide, green eyes.

James especially liked those green eyes. The footman looked at the young man, actually took a moment to see him—and what he saw was quite nice. Perhaps his bein’ here won’t be so bad after all.

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